Kids Activities: Summer Programs and Day Camps

  • August 27, 2015

Looking for great activities for your kid(s)? Pakmen’s Summer Volleyball Camps and Day Camps have you covered!

Summer Camp has been a summer right of passage for children for as long as anyone can remember. At Pakmen, we look to take the traditional values which are cultivated through our summer programs and combine them with excellent volleyball instruction. What makes Pakmen different? We are experts in our field and have shown that those young players attending our Camps are continually improving. We look to facilitate a camp which embraces so much more than just volleyball. Although we will certainly focus on developing the camper’s volleyball skills, Pakmen’s staff will provide an endless number of interesting summer activities.

For those kids who are looking for a volleyball-oriented experience from our summer programs, we have half-day camps which provide them with first rate volleyball instruction. For those looking for a more traditional summer day camp experience, Pakmen uses the afternoon to branch out and explore other entertaining and engage activities for their Campers. Kids spend their afternoon involved in healthy physical activities beyond developing their volleyball skills. Over the course of a week, Kids can expect to participate in performing skits, dodge ball, hockey, soccer and so much more throughout their afternoon. However, the focus of Pakmen’s programs continues to be world-class volleyball instruction. No matter what a child’s level or ability, our Camps primarily focus on how to best develop on their strengths and weaknesses while keeping the fun in volleyball.

Volleyball Camp is the perfect opportunity for children to fill their summer days with the type of productive and active behavior that summer times were made for. When you think Summer Camp, you automatically think about smiles, spirit and personal growth. When it comes to Pakmen, volleyball camp participants should expect nothing less. Kids are expected to attend camps with an open mind and a willingness to learn, while the professional certified instructors at Pakmen provide endless engaging activities to develop a multitude of skills necessary for volleyball and life. Summer camp should be a time for kids to experience a myriad of activities and create the types of memories that will last them a lifetime.

So we here at Pakmen have a question ask all our potential summer campers out there. Does a week of professional volleyball instruction, new friends and summer activities sounds like how you’d like to spend your summer vacation? In other words, are you ready for this?

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