Milton Fall 2020 Volleyball Programs

Volleyball Lessons

Grade 1-7

Spikes is a learn-to-play volleyball program where boys and girls learn the skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment, We group players by age and modify skills so each child is successful. This program is the best choice for children looking to try a new sport or getting a head start in volleyball so they can make a school team in the future. No previous experience is required!

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Volleyball Leagues

Grade 3-12

The Development League is a 10 week program that teaches the fundamentals of volleyball through a mix of instruction, drills, and competition. It is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of the sport of volleyball.

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Grade 5-12

The Champions League is a volleyball league for boys and girls that are intermediate level players. The program focuses on teaching the skills and techniques of volleyball while providing players with maximum ‘touches’ and longer rallies. Champions League volleyball program is for players who have already had exposure to the sport.

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