The Athlete Matrix

Pakmen Volleyball Club partners with The Athlete Matrix for strength and injury prevention training.

The Athlete Matrix is a world class strength, conditioning, and sports training facility located at 3350 Wolfedale Rd, Mississauga (right before Canlan Sportsplex). We are very excited about this partnership. Having access to top Strength and Conditioning Coaches is huge for our club. This past year many of our teams trained at The Athlete Matrix and the results were fantastic. There was a big decrease in injuries and also major performance improvements. Reid Hall is lead coach at The Athlete Matrix and is very knowledgeable in the volleyball field.



Open Training
sports_training_programs We offer multiple strength training classes each week. These sessions are run in a drop-in format. You can pick and choose the group training time-slots that work with your schedule. More Info
Volleyball Team Training
TEAM_TRAINING One of the best ways to build a strong culture and cohesion in a team is to train together. The programming will be developed based on the age and specific needs of the athletes. More Info
Private Training
personal_training Our coaching staff works hands-on with the athlete, helping them set goals and develop at the appropriate rate. Massive results are made with Private Training. We are not only coaches but also role models and mentors. More Info



Luca Nastase

luca-nastaseAs an athlete playing volleyball the key things that are valuable to my performance now are improvement in my vertical, injury prevention, and improved flexibility and mobility. That is exactly what has happened in the past year. My jump has increased, I haven’t sustained a major injury since working with Reid, and my flexibility and mobility have increased drastically. From barely being able to reach past my knees to being able to get my full palm on the ground, from only touching around 10’9 to currently reaching 11’2. Continuing to develop my strength can only keep improving my performance on the court and I know I can count on Reid to guide me.

Ava Mann

ava-mannI have been training at The Athlete Matrix since it opened in October and before that with Reid doing volleyball specific workouts. At The Matrix we work on specific exercises to help prevent injuries. This allowed me to play my season injury free. We also work on increasing my strength, explosiveness and power, in doing this I have increased my vertical 4 inches since training with Reid and his team. I like the environment at The Matrix and look forward to going to my workouts every week.









About Reid Hall

reidREV-2Reid is a new coach at Pakmen and brings a strength and conditioning element to the club that we have never had before. He is a strength and conditioning coach and former team Canada Beach Volleyball athlete. His love for strength training came from having to work his butt off to make the beach volleyball national team. He was an undersized volleyball player that needed to bridge the gap with the other taller athletes by becoming faster, stronger and more powerful. Since his playing days he is one of the rare coaches that specializes in strength, condition, and mobility training specifically for volleyball players.

Reid runs both private and group strength and conditioning sessions for volleyball players at The Athlete Matrix. To learn more about volleyball specific training click here or visit

Here are some of Reid’s accomplishments:

  • Former Team Canada Beach Volleyball Athlete
  • Canada Games Gold Medalist
  • 4th place finish at the U18 world championships
  • Honours Degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Captain for York University Volleyball Team