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20 Dec

Volleyball Workouts

Volleyball players need to do different types of workouts on a regular basis to prepare themselves for important matches. So, if you would like to succeed in the ... more
22 Nov

Ice is not Your Friend

By Prateek Yadav Pakmen Volleyball Club u18 Women's Head Coach I read an interesting article the other day by Aaron Hutchins in Maclean's Magazine, Why ice ... more
20 Nov

Vitamin D Gaining Respect

By Prateek Yadav Pakmen Volleyball Club Head Coach u18 Women's Team I recently came across an interesting article, "Vitamin D - A Key Player in Boned Heath, ... more
17 Nov

You Need to Recover!

By Reid Hall Pakmen Volleyball Club Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Strength and Conditioning Coaches need to effectively manipulate their training based ... more
15 Nov

Specialization can lead to higher injury rates?

By Prateek Yadav Pakmen Volleyball Club u18 Girls Head Coach A recent study conducted by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health ... more