School Team Athlete Training Camp

Most of our advanced programs are for Rep players only. Many school team athletes have expressed a desire for more advanced training but our club has offered few opportunities for this, if you are not already on a rep team. We feel this new program will fill that void.

School Team Athlete Training Camp is an Advanced Week Long Training Camp or athletes who play on school teams and want to get better alongside athletes of similar abilities.

Pakmen’s professional coaching staff will offer challenging progressive drills and provide constant feedback.

This camp is recommended for players who want to be the best they can be playing on their school team, or even to prepare them for trying out for a rep team.


You can register online above using paypal or credit card. It's very easy to do and takes about 4 minutes to do. Confirmation/Tax receipt is emailed to you automatically.

If you do not want to register online, you can register by phone. We also accept etransfers, cash, and payment plans. Contact us for details