Volleyball Organizations

By: Mohamed Gasm Elsied and Abrar Mughal Pakmen Volleyball Club Research Staff European Volleyball Confederation The European Volleyball Confederation is a volleyball league whose headquarters are located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. It is made up of three teams and two of the three teams are from Istanbul, Turkey. It was found on ... More

Pakmen Interviews Abdul Rehman

By Kaitlyn Kwan and Hemanta Kandel Research Staff Pakmen Volleyball Club January 11 2018 This week we interviewed a grade 8 student Abdul Rehman at David Leeder Middle School who plays with Pakmen. Q: When did you start playing volleyball? A: I started playing volleyball when I was in grade 5. I played for my school team “The ... More

Reality of Volleyball Scholarships: Myth of the full ride

By Prateek Yadav u18 Girls Head Coach Pakmen Volleyball Club Just read a great article in The Buffalo News by Dan Zakroczenski entitled, The Myth of the full ride: Why College Scholarship dollars are hard to come by. Getting a scholarship, either academic or athletic is the goal for many young people. As a student athlete in your senior ... More

Pakmen is pleased to offer Adult Volleyball lessons this Winter 

Tehnique Tutoring for Adults is a 10-week program held Saturdays, 12:30 to 2 pm @ Canlan Sportsplex beginning Saturday, January 13th. This program is for beginners. Pakmen coaches will teach you the basic skills of volleyball - including passing, volleying, hitting and serving. Volleyball is a Sport of a Lifetime - isn't it time you joined ... More

Volleyball Exercises

What does it take to be a good volleyball player? Actually, it’s a question faced by so many athletes who would like to succeed in the sport of volleyball. Obviously, it takes massive investment, time, planning and dedication to become a successful volleyball player. Plus, it’s incredibly important for an athlete to work hard and do the right ... More

Pakmen Volleyball training exercises

Volleyball Serving Rules

It’s hard to imagine the sport of volleyball without serving. Keep in mind that the game of volleyball always begins with serving. Actually, serve is the first hit during the game of volleyball. It’s no surprise that every volleyball team has a server. A server is a volleyball player who is responsible for serving during the game. The big ... More

Winter programs banner

Winter Programs are Starting this Week!

Winter volleyball programs are now open for registration! They will be starting this week. We are offering a variety of Volleyball Programs for boys and girls of all skill levels. These Winter Volleyball Programs include Spikes, a learn-to-play volleyball program for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 13 years old. The Development ... More

Volleyball Tips

During the game of volleyball each of players his/her own responsibilities and duties on the court. It all begins with a serve in volleyball. Actually, a serve means the beginning of the game as well as the beginning of the set in volleyball. A server serves a volleyball and a rally begins. A setter has to set a ball and help his/her team’s ... More

Sharone Vernon-Evans and Canada’s Men’s team to compete in the Volleyball Nations League

The new Volleyball Nations League, which is set to begin in May 2018, will include Pakmen Volleyball Club legend Sharone Vernon-Evans and Canada's Mens team.  Team Canada will play matches in Ottawa on June 8, 9 and 10 against Germany, Australia, and the United States at TD Place Arena at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. The league will feature both ... More

Kang Interviews Karim Khalil

Jaiveer Kang interviews Pakmen coach Karim Khalil during our Sunday programs at Mississauga Secondary School.  It is interesting to note that Karim joined the Pakmen Champions League when he was in grade 12, and then tried out for the York University Men's Volleyball program the next year.  He received a scholarship playing at York and became ... More