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Volleyball for high school aged players growing in Brampton

Last year the Pakmen Volleyball Club started to offer volleyball for high school aged players on Saturdays at Aylesbury P.S.. A small but dedicated group of players joined and enjoyed their experience so much, they told their friend and it keep growing to the point where it sold out. This winter, Pakmen is expanding programs for high school ... More

Serving up some Education on Volleyball and Concussions

Serving up some Education on Volleyball and Concussions

Concussion education and prevention strategies generally focuses on athletes who play high risk sports such as football and hockey. However, recent studies show even non-contact sports, such as volleyball are seeing a rise in concussions. What are the most common ways volleyball players get concussed? How can we prevent them? What should you do if ... More

Special GTA Premier League for grade 7&8 Girls

We are pleased to offer a special GTA Premier League option for girls in grades 7&8 who play on their school team. This program will be offered on Sundays, 1:30 to 3 pm, at Mississauga Secondary School. It begins in January and runs for 18 weeks. This GTA Premier League option is different from the other GTA Premier Leagues in that it ... More

Registration now open for Winter Volleyball Programs

Registration is now open for all our Winter volleyball programs. We offer programs for boys and girls, 6 to 18 years old, and of all skill levels. We have lessons, leagues and training. We also offer PD Day, Winter and March Break Camps. All players in grade 7 to 12 who register for a Winter season program are also invited to attend our ... More

Join us for our 10th Annual Christmas/Holiday Party!

We are proud to announce our 10th Annual Christmas/Holiday Season Party at Beach Blast, on Saturday, December 21st, 12 noon to 9 pm Beach Blast is a massive 7 indoor sand court facility located at 15 Leswyn Rd, Toronto Admission is free for all players registered in a Pakmen program, and their family and friends. In addition, everyone 18 ... More

Order Pakmen Gear for the Holiday Season!

Looking for some great gift ideas? Why not consider ordering some Pakmen gear for your child or even yourself. If you place the order within 10 days, it will be ready for Christmas. Please note, if you want it before Christmas, you will have to pick your order up on Saturday, December 21st, 9 am to 1 pm. Also, during check out, please ... More

Pakmen volleyball players jumping and blocking

The Line of Death (and The Cost of Careless Injuries)

By Alexander Ketrzynski  In all my years as a player, I have personally endured as well as witnessed far too many ankle and knee injuries caused by players landing on each other's feet on the centre line. As a coach, working with young players, I cringed every time I saw a player jump and land on or over the line. With the youngest players, ... More

PD Camp – Friday, November 15th

Pakmen's second PD Day Camp will run on Friday, November 15th, at Canlan Sportsplex in Mississauga. This indoor volleyball program is for boys and girls in grades 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. Players with all skill levels are welcome at the volleyball camp! No previous experience required! Pakmen’s volleyball camp is designed with the aim of develo... More

How to Perform a Forearm Pass in Volleyball – Lesson 2

In this video coach Jessy Satti talks about some key components to the forearm pass. He notes that it is important to move your feet to the ball, and keep your hips back and arms locked out in front before making contact. In order to make a good bump, the pre bump contact position is very important. Coach Jessy talks about making sure the ... More

Wear Your Kneepads!

By Alexander Ketrzynski Unless you are in the top echelons of international volleyball, you should be wearing your kneepads. Volleyball has shifted away from teaching players how to hit the ground using side rolls or front sprawls over the last couple of decades. Such techniques may be used instead of, and, in my opinion, more effectively in ... More