Pakmen alumna Emma Glagau wins bronze at world beach finals

By DAVID WINER Every time sisters Emma and Kaylee Glagau step on to a volleyball court they have their parents to thank. Kevin and Cathy Glagau introduced their daughters to the sport by enrolling them at Mississauga's Pakmen Volleyball Club. A decade later after constant words of encouragement and from their parents, Emma and Kaylee are ... More

Pakmen arrives in Orangeville!

The nationally acclaimed Pakmen Volleyball Club is coming to Orangeville this fall. Programs for boys and girls in grades 1 to 8 will be offered at West Side Secondary School, 300 Alder St, Orangeville, ON L9W 5A2 beginning this Fall. Pakmen will offer the Spikes Learn-to-Play program for players in grades 1 to 6 and Development League for ... More

IndoCan volleyballers walk alone among their peers

By DAVID WINER Can being too good be a curse? IndoCan volleyball club coach Sukh Singh thinks so, but he wouldn't have it any other way. When volleyball communities host their annual tournaments, IndoCan's invitation often gets lost in the mail. Truth be told, they're too good and a massive favorite to win and take home the prize money ... More

Thanksgiving Monday Events for Players

Announcing our next big events on Thanksgiving Monday, October 10, 2022. We have different events planned and we invite all players to join one. All events will be held at the Pakmen Courts, 1775 Sismet Road, Mississauga 1. High School Volleyball League – (grades 9 - 12) Players must have played on their school team before or have been ... More

What Training Do Volleyball Players Need?

The success of a volleyball player depends a lot on his/her training. It’s crucial for athletes to get the right type of volleyball training. The big question is – what type of training do volleyball players need? Now, it’s time to get the answer. Athletes should develop basic volleyball skills such as hitting, passing, setting, digging ... More

Explosive Volleyball Training

Explosiveness is very important for volleyball players. The performance of volleyball athletes depends a lot on their explosiveness. Oftentimes, a volleyball player has to react to the game very quickly. It’s crucial for volleyball players to be fast on feet. Also, volleyball players have to be able to jump high in the air quickly when such a ... More

Volleyball Attacking Skills

By Pakmen Volleyball Research Tream A volleyball team has to carry out an attack to earn points during the game. Volleyball attacking is one of basic volleyball skills. Attacking skills are as important as blocking, digging, passing, setting and serving. It’s one of skills that volleyball players have to master. A need to hit the ball may ... More

The Importance of Passing in Volleyball

by Pakmen Volleyball Research Staff Passing is a key element of a volleyball attack. A volleyball player makes a pass to a setter during a game. After that, a setter does his/her job and an attacker caries out an attack hit. The success of passing in volleyball depends a lot on passing. That’s why it’s so important for volleyball players ... More

Is Volleyball a Fast Growing Sport?

Volleyball is one of the world’s most popular sports. Volleyball is also known as one of the most played sports in the world. There has been a lot of talk about the rise of volleyball. Volleyball is a sport with a rich history. It’s important to know that the history of volleyball game dates back to 1895. The game of volleyball was invented ... More

What Makes Volleyball a Unique Game?

Volleyball is a ball game like no other. It’s important to know that there are many other ball games which are similar to the game of volleyball. The game of volleyball has many things in common with such games as soccer, basketball, rugby and tennis. On the other hand, there are many key differences between volleyball and other ball games.... More