Pakmen volleyball players jumping and blocking

If You Want Better Results, Forget About Setting Goals

By Kelly Smith This is part 2 of a series on the New York Times Bestselling book, Atomic Habits, by James Clear. Click here to read the previous article on this topic. Clear argues that setting goals alone is ineffective and for better results, forget about setting goals and focus on your systems instead. Goals are about the results you want ... More

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

By Kelly Smith One of the keys for success in volleyball, and life itself, is the ability to build good habits and break bad ones. In his New York Times Bestseller, Atomic Habits, author James Clear shows the reader exactly how to do that. Moreover, he makes a compelling case as to why tiny changes can make a big difference. Author Clear ... More

Girls volleyball players practicing with their coach

Effective Learning in Volleyball

By Alexander Ketrzynski In his book, "The Talent Code," Daniel Coyle contends that almost anyone can attain talent through the right combination of practice, motivation and coaching. Coyle points to scientific research, which indicates that talent development is a matter of bringing about physiological changes. Repetition over a long period ... More

Pakmen volleyball players jumping and blocking

The Line of Death (and The Cost of Careless Injuries)

By Alexander Ketrzynski  In all my years as a player, I have personally endured as well as witnessed far too many ankle and knee injuries caused by players landing on each other's feet on the centre line. As a coach, working with young players, I cringed every time I saw a player jump and land on or over the line. With the youngest players, ... More

Wear Your Kneepads!

By Alexander Ketrzynski Unless you are in the top echelons of international volleyball, you should be wearing your kneepads. Volleyball has shifted away from teaching players how to hit the ground using side rolls or front sprawls over the last couple of decades. Such techniques may be used instead of, and, in my opinion, more effectively in ... More

Supporting your Team Goals

By Alexander Ketrzynski In this short article, I'll be offering my opinion on team goals, and one major factor in achieving them. Before we discuss supporting our team goals, it is first necessary to define the coach's role. This role is comprised of a long list of tasks, which may be encapsulated by two statements: 1. The coach creates and ... More

Basic Volleyball Drills to Do Before the Game

Basic Volleyball Drills to Do Before the Game

by Pakmen Volleyball Research Staff It’s fair to say that that the success of a volleyball team depends a lot on players’ preparation. It’s crucial for volleyball players to be well prepared for the match. An athlete should warm up his/her body before the volleyball game or practice properly. This helps athletes prevent different types of ... More

Volleyball Positioning Techniques – Resting and Ready Positions – Lesson 1

In this video, Pakmen Volleyball lead coach Jessy Satti covers the fundamentals of the resting and the ready position in volleyball. He notes that in the resting position, the feet should be pointing forward and shoulder width apart. The knees should be bent and the hands on the thighs. It is important to keep the shoulders ahead of the knees ... More

Keeping Teammates Accountable

By Alexander Ketrzynski I've lost track, but in my sixteen-plus years of playing volleyball, including, one year of being on an Olympic team, I've only played on two or three exceptional teams which truly reached their full potential. I've also assisted only a few teams which, I thought, reached their full potential. Win or lose, my participa... More

Iceland coach Heimir Hallgrimsson

With a Coach Who Pulls Teeth to Relax, Iceland Becomes a Contender

By Alexander Ketrzynski In her article for the New York Times, entitled, "With a Coach Who Pulls Teeth to Relax, Iceland Becomes a Contender," Sarah Lyall writes about Heimir Hallgrimsson, who coached Iceland, the smallest country ever to qualify for the World Cup of soccer. Hallgrimsson's team achieved an astounding finish of having reached ... More