A Message for Players that are Considering Registering for our Spring and Summer Programs

Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 situation, we cannot guarantee any of our summer programs will run. We also appreciate parents want to plan ahead and reserve spots for summer programs.

As a result, we have now set up our system so you may register for any summer program without making payment at this time. By registering you will be holding a spot for your child if the permits are granted.

If permits are not granted, and the program does not run, we will notify you and no refund will be necessary. If the school boards give us the green light to run the program, we will notify you and give you 10 days
to pay to hold your spot.

Thank you for understanding.

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Volleyball Leagues

1. Youth Volleyball leagues

Volleyball leagues offers both skill development and the chance to complete playing games. These leagues run in the fall, winter, spring and summer months. We offer the Development League for boys and girls in grades 5&6 and 7&8. We offer Champions League for boys and girls in grades 7-8 and 9-12. The GTA Premier League (Girls) and Pakmen Plus (Boys) are advanced leagues for players who are on school teams and want to compete at a higher level.

Check PAKMEN’s High Performance Volleyball programs

Check PAKMEN’s Leagues


Grade: 8 - 12

The High School Volleyball League is is designed for intermediate/advanced high school students looking to play organized volleyball games with kids their own age/skill level.

Grade: 3 - 12

The Development League is a 10-week program that teaches the fundamentals of volleyball through a mix of instruction, drills, and competition. It is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of the sport prior to participating.
Winter 2020Spring 2020Summer 2020

Grade: 7 - 12

The Champions League is a volleyball league for boys and girls who are intermediate level players. The program focuses on teaching the skills and techniques of volleyball while providing players with maximum ‘touches’ and longer rallies. Champions League volleyball program is for players who have already had exposure to the sport.
Winter 2020Spring 2020Summer 2020

Grade: 5 - 12

Pakmen Plus is a volleyball training program for boys only who are members of their school team, or who already have some volleyball skills. Participants will have the chance to train and compete with peers with similar interests. There is a component of instruction as well as game-play in this program. Game-play can take the form of either 3-on-3 or 6-on-6 competitions.
Spring 2020Summer 2020

Grade: 5 - 12

The GTA Premier League is a girls-only program designed for more advanced players who have experience playing on their school teams. This is a league-style program where teams will be formed and girls will receive team jerseys. Each week they will take part in rep-style practices to enhance their skills as well as match play talent.
Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer