Programs for Schools

Pakmen Volleyball Club has visited over 300 schools in the Region of Peel and beyond delivering a variety of volleyball clinics and hosting tournament play for physical education students, school teams and teachers.

Pakmen Volleyball is a Volleyball Canada accredited, not-for-profit youth volleyball club. Our coaches are NCCP certified with completed criminal background checks. We can design and deliver a program that makes sense for your students’ needs. Programs include introducing volleyball units to physical education classes, and/or introducing volleyball modified games teachers can use for their classes to ensure maximum learning and fun for the students e.g. ‘Touch Ball’, ‘Triple Ball’, etc..

We offer Outdoor Education programs at your school during May and June. These programs can include learn-to-play skills/instruction and/or tournaments.

We also offer Inclusive School Tournaments at our 5 court facility in Mississauga. Even though volleyball is a popular sport, less than 1% of youth ever get a chance to participate in a volleyball match, let alone a tournament. Only the 1% who are fortunate to make a school team are afforded that opportunity. Our Inclusive tournaments allow schools the chance to bring up to 100 students to our facility where we will organize them into 10 equal teams and host a fun tournament for everyone to experience. The tournament will include medals, prizes, and an awards ceremony – something for everyone to enjoy! This cannot be duplicated at your school as 5 courts will allow every child to be fully involved the entire tournament.

All our programs are carefully matched to curriculum guidelines and expectations.

For indoor clinics, we charge a very affordable $150 to bring a Pakmen coach to your school for an entire school day.

For outdoor clinics, we have two packages available (see Outdoor Clinics below).

Inclusive Tournaments hosted at the Pakmen 5 court facility cost $8/student (non-taxable) with no minimum number. If a student is absent, you are not charged (see Inclusive Volleyball Tournaments below).

For more information about our school programs, please click here to contact us and we will be happy to work something out for you and your school.

Purchase Outdoor Volleyballs @ $10 each

Often schools ask to purchase one or more of our outdoor volleyballs for their students to use outside during lunch recess or DPA.

We sell our outdoor volleyballs to schools for the special price of $10 (tax included) each. These balls are suitable for students to use on asphalt or grass. A quality outdoor volleyball retails for $100 or more and although our balls are not the same quality as one of these balls, they are durable and an inexpensive way to keep students active during lunch. Many schools purchase one per homeroom.

Please let us know if you’d like to order any and our coaches will deliver to your school.