7 Dynamic Volleyball Warm-ups (No Equipment Necessary)

  • October 28, 2020

By Isha Roy Chowdhury
Pakmen Research Team

You may find yourself playing in a tournament in volleyball. If you have practiced for a long time and are on a team, the day will probably come eventually. That said, you will need a warm up routine so you can be in best shape while playing in the tournament. Since you’re going to play all day, make sure to show up earlier so you have time to warm up. Warm ups usually take longer this time due to the fact you are playing all day.

There are many volleyball warm ups that can be learned. In this article, you will learn about warm ups that do not involve equipment. In a previous article called “Volleyball Warm-ups Using Equipment,” you will find warm ups involving equipment. The warm ups that will be further touched upon are the cardio dynamic warm up and standing-dynamic warm up . After mastering these, you will have a simpler time acquiring different and more difficult stretches to improve your volleyball skills. If you want to learn more, continue reading.

Cardio and Standing Dynamic Warm-ups

In volleyball, there are many warm ups you can do to help improve your play later on. However, which are the ones that will be the most beneficial? Wouldn’t that be very important to know so you can play your best on the court? Today, we have compiled a list on some of the best exercises to do, how to do them and what they help improve. We hope this can be very beneficial for you in your volleyball journey. We have seven examples prepared today

The first warm up is the light jog. Wherever you are, try to find a ten meter distance where you can perform all these exercises. To do this exercise, begin by lightly running and having your arms moving back and forth with the opposite leg forward. Do this about eight times back and forth. “What will this help you with?”, you may ask. Well, jogging can aid with your endurance and stability which is a prerequisite in this sport since you are running most of the time trying to receive the ball.

The second warm up is known as the lateral leg swings. Unlike the last one, you have to say in place and not move back and forth. The advantage of this is that you will not need a ten metre space, you can basically do this exercise wherever there is enough space for you to fit. To do this, stand and move one leg side to side or up and down.

You can do either way because the benefit is the same. Do ten per leg. Both of them are stretching your inner thigh which is important for flexibility. This can help if you need to do a pancake to get the ball.

The next warm up is known as arm swing skipping. For this one, it is crucial to find a ten meter distance. Since you will be skipping, you can’t stay in one place therefore, you will need some room. To do this, skip with your legs (kind of like running but with more grace) and move your arms in a full circle continuously, The benefits of this exercise is that your endurance will improve as well as your muscles will get stretched out in your arms. Do this exercise about four times back and forth. It may be a little painful at the end but feeling pain is a sign to know the warm up is working.

The fourth warm up is the quad stretch reach. Unlike the previous one, you can do this exercise wherever because you basically need to stand in one place. Start off by standing. After that, bend one foot back and keep it there with the opposite arm up for a couple of seconds. Make sure to switch your arm and leg after some time. A reason for why this stretch was chosen is because not only does it stretch out your leg muscles, it also stretches out your arm muscles. You’ve basically “killed two birds with one stone.” Perform this stretch ten times per each leg.

The fifth exercise is known as the “carioca.” Many people enjoy this warm up because it is very similar to some styles of dance. You will need a ten-meter area to perform this stretch. Start off by, moving one foot back and the other in front. It should be like a pattern. Begin by doing it slowly and then you will have an easier time doing it faster gradually over time. The benefits of this exercise is that you will improve in your leg coordination due to this stretch being a pattern. Leg coordination is vital in volleyball so you don’t trip.

The sixth exercise is known as the five hop squats. This warm up stretches out your leg and glutes. You will need a ten meter space for this warm up. To do this exercise, jump four times forward and then do a squat. To do a squat, have your legs shoulder width apart and bend down with your back straight. Repeat this until you have done two full rounds. The benefits of this exercise is that you will have very strong thighs so when receiving a ball, you won’t be as tired. Also having strong thighs is important because you will bending down most of the time due to the ready position, having to bump and volleying.

The final warm up is known as the shuffle jack. Similarly to the last one, you will need to find a ten meter distance. If you can’t find one, try challenging yourself with a longer distance. To do this, don’t bend down too low but about mid-way. From there, swing your arms back and forth. You will want to do this about six times. So, what can this help

you with? Like the last one, you will find your endurance slowly improving as well as your arm muscles. Due to you swinging your arms, the muscles get stretched out resulting in you having an easier time receiving the ball.

Thank you so much for reading this article. We hope that learning these warm ups will help you do better on your tournament day. Remember that each warm up should feel right to you. Best of luck!