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  • April 2, 2018

Kaushik Chatterjee
Researcher at Pakmen

Volleyball is one of the most intense sports out there. It requires grit, determination, teamwork, and dedication. In order to become a complete player, you must not only understand and master the skills of volleyball, but understand how to compete. When you play, a few dimensions are added: teamwork; thinking; pressure. The antagonistic aura of competition can be overwhelming if you’re not acquainted with it.

Our Volleyball Leagues at Pakmen allow skill development, as well as the opportunity to play games. Our leagues ensure that players not only have the correct skill set, but are familiar with match play. We have the Development League (Grade 5-12), the Champions league (Grade 7-12), Pakmen Plus (Grade 5-12), and the GTA Premier League (Grade 5-12).

Development League

Starting off, we have the Development league. This league is a 10-week program which teaches the fundamentals of volleyball through a fun variety of instruction, drills, and competition. It is intended for players in grades 5-12 with a basic understanding of volleyball.

All sessions are initiated with a warm up, which then progresses to drills. Players will learn and practice serving, passing, and hitting. They will also learn how to play defense within a team system (a crucial aspect in games). By the end of the program, players will be not only be enriched individually, but be better team players.

The Development League is a great way to refine individual play, and develop team mannerisms. It provides an essential base for game play, and is a stepping stone for honing your skills. For more details, please visit our Development League page.

Champions League

The Champions League is a program intended for intermediate-level athletes in grades 7-8 and 9-12, who have already had exposure to the game. The program focuses on teaching the skills and techniques of volleyball while providing players with maximum ‘touches’ and longer rallies.

It is ideal for taking your game to the next level, and ensures that you are prepared for match play. For more information, please visit our Champions League page.

Pakmen Plus

Pakmen Plus is a volleyball training program for boys in grades 5-6, 7-8, and 9-12, who already display good volleyball skills or are members of their school’s team. Here, players will have the chance to compete and play with peers of similar interest.

This is a great chance for players to get a true competitive feel, while improving their skills tenth fold. It is taught by Pakmen rep coaches, so players learn from the best.The focus is split between skills/instruction and gameplay. The skills portion comprises of passing, serving, hitting, and defensive skill improvement. Game play varies from 3-on-3 and 6-on-6 gameplay.

It’s tailored for players looking to competing at a higher level, whilst pairing them with boys of similar ability. For more information, kindly visit our Pakmen Plus page.

GTA Premier League

The GTA Premier League is the largest competitive girls volleyball league in Ontario. Pakmen started the league 12 years ago to provide talented girls an opportunity to play competitive volleyball. Taught by excellent NCCP certified volleyball coaches, these girls get to learn and improve on a weekly-basis.

This league is intended for advanced players who are in grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11/12. Every session consists of passing, serving, hitting, and a focus on defensive skills. The remainder of the practice will be used for gameplay.

It’s a great chance to improve your skills, and play in a competitive environment. For more information, please visit out GTA Premier League page.

Volleyball is a sport which comprises of two sectors: individual skills and team skills. For a sport as intensive as volleyball an equilibrium of both is required (the latter arguably the more important, however).

Our leagues at Pakmen ensure that players have a solid foundation of both. Competitors improve not only their individual skills, but learn how to play as a team. We have something for everyone: leagues for the hungry, trophy hunting player, and leagues for the player who want to strengthen their core volleyball game. The leagues are an essential for all players looking to compete; the skills learned are invaluable, and will undoubtedly assist in guiding your team to victory.

Teamwork is a skill you are required to learn. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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