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Volleyball Training

Gettn’ Better. Private Lessons and the Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence advanced volleyball training programs offered in the fall, winter and spring. Gettn’ Better runs in 10-week sessions and Private lessons can be booked one at a time. The Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence (V.C.C.E.) is a high performance program for Elite Rep level players. It is offered October to May.

Our volleyball training programs focus on athlete development as opposed to games and team play. By developing and refining the skills and techniques of each player as opposed to teaching offensive and defensive systems to a team, we can ensure each player receives far more ‘touches’ and more instruction, than they would playing in a league or on a team.


Grade: 7 - 12

Gettn’ Better is a volleyball training program for serious middle school and high school players.  Through Gettn’ Better, players will practice hundreds of meaningful contacts with constant feedback from our rep coaches

Fall 2017Winter 2018Spring 2018Summer 2018
Grade: 6 - 12 Private lessons are 1-on-1 and are an hour in length and are conducted by our most senior rep coaches. You can bring a friend for no extra charge if you wish.Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer
Grade: 8 - 12 The REP program is designed specifically to prepare athletes who are committed to the sport of volleyball and preparing to pursue their volleyball career. Being a part of this program will give you the opportunity to train and excel in the sport of volleyball, with the focus of developing your skills and to prepare you for university/college/national team level.Fall / Winter / Spring / Summer

Grade: 7 - 11

Advantage Camp is a high performance camp for serious indoor volleyball players. This program is ideal for preparing athletes for school team and rep tryouts.

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