FIVB Implementing a New World Ranking System

  • February 26, 2020

By Pakmen Research Staff

The FIVB is implementing a new world ranking system, which is is considered to be more fair and transparent when it comes to seeding teams for qualification tournaments. Below are some of the important details in regards to the new ranking system.

  • The new algorithm will take historical data between competing teams and figure out the probability of each of the 6 match outcomes. The 6 match outcomes are: 3-0 win, 3-1 win, 3-2 win, 2-3 loss, 1-3 loss, 0-3 loss.
  • An expected result will be deemed prior to the match. The expected result will then be compared to the actual result and will have a direct impact on world ranking points.
  • Teams earn and lose world ranking points based on performance. Before each match both teams world ranking points are shown. The team with the higher score is deemed the team that “should” win the match.

Below are some more important facts about the new ranking system:

  • The closer the actual result is to the most expected outcome the smaller the shift is of world ranking points.
  • The further the actual result is from the most expected outcome then the shift in world ranking points is greater.
  • The match weight factor is also considered in the algorithm, it directly impact the score. The following matches will be calculated in the world rankings, the matches are categorized by most impact to least impact; Olympic Games, World Championship, Volleyball Nations League, World Cup, Continental Championship, Volleyball Challenger Cup, Other.
  • The new system makes every match relevant, not only winning matches but also the set scores of the matches.
  • After every match the new world ranking score is updated, giving teams their most current scores based on their current performance.

This new system insures the fairest qualification process, as it reflects the the sporting strength of each team.