Getting To Know Brock Judd

  • March 30, 2018

Mohamed Gasm Elsied
Pakmen Researcher


Brock Judd is 14 years old,  a successful volleyball player who goes to David Leeder Middle School. Brock made his school team by developing his skills at the Pakmen Volleyball Summer Camp. Learn more by reading this interview.


When did you start playing volleyball? 

I started playing Volleyball in grade 6 when I came to David Leeder Middle School.


Who inspired you to play volleyball?

Sharone Vernon-Evans Inspired me to play volleyball.


How did Sharone Vernon-Evans inspire you to play volleyball?

He inspired me to play volleyball by watching how athletic he is and by the fact that he is the youngest volleyball player on Team Canada.


Why did you start playing volleyball in grade 6?

I started playing volleyball in grade 6 because it was a new sport and I found it interesting.


Was it hard for you playing volleyball for the first time?

Yes it was hard for me, but I learned very quickly what to do and what not to do. The coaches at Pakmen are excellent and they helped me learn the proper way to perform all the skills, right from the beginning.


How did Pakmen Volleyball Summer Camp help you?

Well, this year I used the volleyball skills I learned at the camp to make my school team. Pakmen also taught me about good strategies to use when playing the game which I still use.

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