How Covid 19 Has Affected Volleyball

  • June 23, 2020

Unfortunately, the outbreak of coronavirus has affected different parts of the world. Without a doubt, the coronavirus has an impact on different aspects of our life. Many industries have been affected by the coronavirus and sport is one of them.

It’s worth noting that Covid 19 has a profound negative impact on all kinds of sports. All gyms are closed and people can’t do workouts these days. Today, it’s impossible to organize competitions and sport events as well. Athletes are not allowed to get together in order to practice and develop their team skills.

And of course, the sport of volleyball has been affected by the pandemic. How does Covid 19 have an impact on the volleyball sport? What do volleyball players have to do in order to overcome this challenge successfully?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the problem and talk you through how Covid 19 has affected different aspects of volleyball sport and try to help you get the answers to all of these important questions.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Volleyball Clubs

When the outbreak of the coronavirus began, the leagues reacted to it very quickly. As a result, all local and international volleyball competitions and other volleyball-related events have been cancelled within a short period of time.

Obviously, Covid 19 and lockdown measures are a big challenge for so many volleyball players. The reality is, volleyball athletes can’t train normally and improve their skills. The coronavirus has affected both amateurs and professionals.

Volleyball clubs have to adapt to the current situation around the world. Unfortunately, volleyball clubs are trying to minimize their spendings during the times of uncertainty. So, some of volleyball clubs have already cut the salaries of their players and coaches. And of course, this situation has a negative impact on the contract relationships that have been established between volleyball clubs and players.

The situation is likely to get worse if the problem is not solved in the nearest future. Today, so many volleyball players are making attempts to protect their rights in the court. That means that the world’s leading volleyball organizations such as FIVB and CEV will have to deal with lots of legal cases this year.

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 outbreak is the situation of force majeure. That’s why it’s unclear who will win and who will lose. Everything depends on how the situations of this type are described in the contracts.

Transfer periods are also currently discussed with the FIVB. We all know that the world leaders take all the necessary actions to fight the coronavirus successfully these days.

The good news is that some countries have started re-opening and things are getting back to normal in many parts of the world.

Let’s assume that the situation with coronavirus will come to an end and volleyball players will begin to participate in the volleyball competitions very soon.

However, the release of volleyball players will automatically begin after May 15, according to the FIVB rules. That means that the volleyball players will not be able to participate in the competitions if the transfer period will not be lengthened. However, the topic of prolonging the transfer period is actively discussed with the FIVB organization at the moment and hopefully an effective solution will be found soon.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Volleyball Players

Athletes have to overcome a lot of challenges during the coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 coronavirus makes it impossible for volleyball athletes to visit a gym and train together.

Clearly, volleyball players should continue training and developing their skills despite the current situation with the coronavirus. Volleyball is a team sport and that’s why training at home can be hard. Below, we’ll provide tips to help volleyball players train effectively at home.

Set goals for the future. Oftentimes, volleyball players are busy during the season and that’s why they can’t make time for goal setting. However, goal setting plays a very important role in volleyball player’s career.

It’s not easy to train during the coronavirus. However, it’s pretty easy to do planning and goal setting work. Bear in mind that the outbreak of the coronavirus is a great time to set goals and do planning. You will have plenty of time during the coronavirus outbreak. So, do your best to use time wisely and get the most out of it.

Analyze your mistakes. It’s hard to find a volleyball player, who doesn’t make mistakes on the court. As the saying goes “to err is human”. Even highly professional volleyball players make mistakes during important matches and practices. However, not every volleyball player analyzes mistakes carefully after games and practices.

If you don’t analyze your mistakes, it may take you too long to correct them. Analyzing mistakes is an important step and volleyball players need to take in order to achieve success and improve their performance on the court. A volleyball player has to understand his/her mistakes and try to correct them in order to become a better player.

First of all, a volleyball player has to realize what mistakes he/she tends to make made during the games and practices. Then, a volleyball athlete needs to find out how he/she can correct these mistakes and get even better.

It’s worth noting that volleyball players need to do this type of analysis on a regular basis. The help of coach in this process is immeasurable. A coach will help you realize your mistakes and give you an advice on how to correct them.            

Stay organized. Some volleyball athletes take a long break, relax and don’t train hard during the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus. And of course, it’s not the right thing to do. It’s crucial for volleyball players to be well-organized during the pandemic.

The best way to stay organized during the times of the coronavirus outbreak is to create a schedule. Make a to-do list and describe things that need to be done during the training process.

Set the priorities for your tasks during the coronavirus. But most importantly, you should do practices that you’ve scheduled. And of course, you need to stay on your schedule to be a successful volleyball player.

Watch interesting volleyball matches. Volleyball players can learn a lot from other volleyball athletes. Obviously, volleyball players have enough time to watch matches because they don’t attend practices and don’t participate in competitions. So, don’t miss such an amazing opportunity.

Go to YouTube or subscribe to sport channel during the quarantine. Pick volleyball matches which you really like and watch them carefully. You should aim to learn from other volleyball players. Analyze the performance of professional volleyball players and pay a close attention to what they do.

It’s worth noting that the activity of this type will contribute greatly to volleyball player’s training process. Oftentimes, volleyball players improve their skills, correct their mistakes and get better after watching games.

Communicate with your coaches and teammates online. It’s incredibly important for volleyball players to talk with their coaches and teammate all the time. Communication shouldn’t stop due to the coronavirus outbreak. That’s the reason why some of coaches choose to go online and organize virtual trainings.

Such online classes bring together coaches and volleyball. That means that coaches as well athletes can meet online and discuss many important things together.

Online meetings give coaches a great opportunity to give tasks to volleyball players. Volleyball players can show a coach how they are performing his/her tasks virtually as well.

In addition, volleyball players can ask their coaches various questions and get the answers to them. As a result, volleyball players will get the support they need.

Thank you so much for reading this article. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 coronavirus has a huge negative effect on the sport of volleyball. However, we are happy to see that things are getting better in many countries and some parts of the world have already started reopening. Sooner or later, volleyball players will be able to return to their gyms and resume their training. Take care and stay healthy! Best of luck!