How to Perform a Forearm Pass in Volleyball – Lesson 2

  • October 30, 2019

In this video Pakmen Volleyball coach Jessy Satti talks about some key components to the forearm pass. He notes that it is important to move your feet to the ball, and keep your hips back and arms locked out in front before making contact. In order to make a good bump, the pre bump contact position is very important.

Coach Jessy talks about making sure the athletes arms are parallel to their thighs during their pre bumping position, this allows them to form their platform much faster and efficiently to make a good contact on the forearms. In order to execute the bump, it’s a combination of a slight arm swing along with a big leg push to generate height on the pass.

Some common mistakes referred in this video are opening or breaking the platform after contact and over swinging, causing the ball to go directly overhead or behind the athlete.