How to Perform an Underhand Serve in Volleyball – Lesson 4

  • February 17, 2020

In this video Pakmen Volleyball Club coach Jessy Satti talks about some key components to the underhand serve.

He starts the video talking about the important of foot position, feet should be shoulder width apart in an L shape. Right handed athletes should have their left foot forward, and right foot back facing the side (left handed servers do the opposite- right foot forward, left foot facing the side).

An important component that coach Satti talks about is holding the ball directly in front of your hitting shoulder. A common mistake is when athletes hold the ball directly out in front of them and not their shoulder, it causes them to swing sideways and takes away the accuracy of their serve.

When the athletes feet are in the correct position and the ball is in front of the hitting shoulder then the motion is simple; pull the arm straight back while transferring weight to the back leg, take a big step with the front foot and then swing through the ball, keeping your elbow locked at all times.

Athletes who require more power are welcome to use a fist to make contact with the ball. Other common mistakes include over swinging, which can cause the ball to go backwards or straight up on the same side of the court, and also tossing and swinging. It’s important for athletes to hit the ball directly out of their hand.