How to Stay Focused During Volleyball Games

  • April 20, 2018

Volleyball is a fast moving and dynamic game. Volleyball moves are very quick. That’s the reason why the game of volleyball requires a lot of concentration. Volleyball players have to be focused on the ball and on the game while they are on the court. Things usually go wrong when a volleyball player loses his/her focus during the game. Obviously, athletes have to learn how to maintain focus during volleyball games. In this blog, you’ll be able to find tips as well as drills for improving concentration in the sport of volleyball.

Tips for Staying Focused During Volleyball Games

Watch the ball. Watching the ball is something that helps athletes strengthen their attention and concentration during the game of volleyball. Athletes should definitely watch the ball while playing the game. Keep in mind that a volleyball player has to be focused on the ball all the time. You need to start watching the ball when it leaves the opponent and arrives on your side of the court. Pay a close attention to the ball when it’s served, set, passed and hit by an opposing team and your team. On the other hand, volleyball players should keep an eye on the ball while watching matches of other teams. It goes without saying that this type of volleyball training helps athletes improve their ability to focus on the ball and play better over time. However, the most important thing is that you’ll be able to maintain focus on the ball for a long period of time. Watch the opposing team. A volleyball player also needs to watch the opposing team during the game. While playing the game, you obviously need to pay a close attention to the opposing team’s hitters, setters and server. You should do your best to predict the opposing team’s attacks. If you are planning to carry out an attack hit, then you definitely need to watch the opposing team’s blockers and try to find the holes in the defense. On the other hand, you may need to make a pass during the game. In this case, you also need to watch your teammates.

Remind yourself about focus. It’s no surprise that a volleyball player hears a lot of noise during the game. Fans, coaches as well as other volleyball players may negatively affect an athlete’s concentration and, therefore, performance during the game. Oftentimes, volleyball players worry a lot during games. As a result, a volleyball player may lose his/her focus and start making mistakes. That’s something that should be avoided at all costs. If things go wrong during the game, a volleyball player should definitely remind himself/herself about the importance of staying focused on the court. In fact, this can be done in a number of ways. Talk to yourself during the game and say something like this “focus”, “I am focused” or “I have to focus” when you have feeling that you have lost your focus. By doing so, you’ll be able to refocus fast and easy when such a need arises.

Take advantage of meditation. Meditation is a key part of training programs in many sports and volleyball is no exclusion. Athletes of all skill levels choose to meditate before important volleyball matches and practices for obvious reasons. One of great benefits of meditation is that this technique helps volleyball players relax before the match, reset a nervous system and stay focused during the game. Use the power of meditation to be mentally prepared for a volleyball match and improve your concentration.

Make use of visualization. There is no doubt that visualization (also known as mental imagery) has to be a key part of a volleyball player’s mental training program. Mental imagery delivers multiple significant benefits to volleyball players. It’s important to note that visualization offers an easy way to improve volleyball player’s mental game on the court. Visualization is important both for physical and mental skills training. There is the evidence that visualization helps volleyball players improve their skills. Mental imagery also has a profound positive impact on volleyball player’s concentration during the game. So, it makes a lot of sense for athletes to visualize before volleyball games and practices. When visualizing you obviously need to imagine how you’ll watch the ball. Also, you should visualize your opponents and your teammates. This will help you stay focused during volleyball games.         

Drills that Help Volleyball Players Improve Concentration

  • Two ball passing drill. The drill is performed by two volleyball players. The drill also requires two balls. Volleyball players have to pass the first ball each other during the drill. At the same time, they roll the second ball back and forth. When doing this drill volleyball players need to focus on the ball passing in the air back and forth. Also, athletes have to pay an attention to the ball on the ground. Performing this drill on a regular basis helps volleyball players maintain ball control and improve their concentration dramatically.
  • The drill with the ball that has six numbers on it. This drill is performed by a coach and two volleyball players who need to pass the ball each other. It’s important to know that the ball has six different numbers (1 through 6). Numbers are marked on six sides of the ball. A coach and volleyball players have to position themselves on different sides of the court. The drill begins when a coach makes a serve and the ball goes to the opposite side of the court. The task of volleyball players is to concentrate on the ball and call the first number they see as the ball crosses the net as well as the last number they see prior to contacting a ball. Then, volleyball players have to pass a ball each other. It’s clear that this drill requires volleyball players to stay focused and keep a close eye on the ball during the game.
  • The drill with a mini-ball. The drill is particularly important for volleyball players who want to improve their passing skills. The reality is doing the drill with a mini-ball helps volleyball players learn how to center their passes. It can be a little more challenging for volleyball players to make passes with small balls. On the other hand, the drill teaches athletes how to focus on the ball during the volleyball games. The drill is performed by a coach and two volleyball players. Above all, the drill also requires a mini-ball. Initially, a coach goes to one side of the court and two players go to another side of the court. A coach makes a serve and the drill begins. The job of volleyball players is to accept the ball and then practise passing.
  • Passing high drill. This drill is performed by two volleyball players and requires a ball. First of all, volleyball players have to sit down on the floor in front of each other. The player 1 has to pass the ball high up. The player 2 has to get up and pass the ball back. Finally, the player 1 has to receive the ball overhand. It’s worth noting that doing this drill positively affects volleyball player’s speed. And of course, performing the drill will have a profound positive impact on volleyball player’s ability to watch the ball during the game.
  • Throw, dig and catch drill. This drill is performed by two volleyball players and requires two balls. Initially, two volleyball players have to stand in front of each other on the court. The drill begins when the player 1 throws the ball upwards. At the same time, the player 2 passes the ball to player 1. The job of player 1 is to dig the ball from player 2 and then catch the first ball. It’s important to know that doing this drill has many great benefits. The drill is beneficial for both volleyball players. On the one hand, doing the drill allows the player 2 to focus on several things (two balls). On the other hand, doing the drill teaches player 1 to do several things at the same time. You should know that it may take player 1 too much time to master the drill. It’s also important to note that doing this type of drill helps volleyball players improve their coordination.

Thank you so much for reading this article. Now, you know what needs to be done to maintain focus during the game of volleyball. Follow our volleyball training tips and practise drills for improving concentration on a regular basis. And of course, this will help you stay focused during volleyball games. Best of luck! 

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