Jump Training for Beach Volleyball

  • July 21, 2020

by Pakmen Volleyball Research Staff

Vertical jump is extremely important in the sport of volleyball. Some athletes are born with the ability to jump high, while the others have to work hard in order to develop this skill and achieve success.

It can be very challenging to learn something new or improve the results. That’s the reason why, you should never fall into despair if you fail to achieve the desired results right away. If you don’t give up and work hard, the success will come to you anyway.

Learning how to jump high on the sand usually requires some time, dedication and, of course, a lot of hard work to do. Keep on reading the article to find out what you can do to improve your vertical jump for the sport of beach volleyball.

What is the Average Vertical Jump for Volleyball Players?

It’s worth mentioning that the average vertical jump largely depends on the position that a volleyball player takes on the court.

The average vertical jump for middle blockers, right side hitters and outsider hitters varies between 19 inches and 20 inches. The average vertical jump for setters is known to be between 18 inches and 19 inches. At the same time, the average vertical jump for defensive specialists is approximately 18 inches.

These are the data on average vertical jump for the sport of indoor volleyball. Keep in mind that jumping on the sand is much more difficult than jumping on the indoor surface.

Tips for Increasing a Vertical Jump for Volleyball

There is no doubt about the fact that it is absolutely indispensable for every volleyball player to improve a vertical jump. However, you should measure your jumping ability first.

In order to be able to do so, stand near the wall and take a piece of chalk in your hand. Then do your best to jump as high as you can and mark your highest position with the chalk.

Use a tape measure to estimate the height of your mark. It is recommended to repeat the test every two weeks. It will help you understand whether you are making any progress.

Building the explosive power is the next thing that beach volleyball players should focus on. Do the exercises that contribute to improving your muscle memory and boosting the ability to jump high.

There is an effective exercise you can start with. Stand on a bench with one foot. Then jump down landing on both feet. Land in a squat and do your best to jump high from that position. If you do this exercise on a regular basis, then you will manage to improve your vertical jump significantly over time.

Building the lower body is another step that you need to take in order to improve your jumping ability.

Boosting your muscle strength is another important thing that you should do to increase a vertical jump for volleyball. Resistance training can be effectively used for achieving that purpose.

Bulgarian split squats, dead lifts, leg presses and calf raises are effective exercises that should also become a part of your workout plan. During your training process, use the weights that will let you repeat the movement 5 times approximately.

Doing these exercises more than 10 repetitions is not recommended. You can increase the weight if you feel that you are already strong enough for that. Keep in mind that you should do this type of training once a week. Be careful and don’t overload yourself. You should minimize the risk of getting injured when doing exercises.

Plus, you should use the power of your to get more strength for jumping. Learn how to do it in an efficient way. You should throw your arms down when you squat prior to jumping. Then try to swing your arms back as quickly as you can. When you manage to jump high, your hands will be in the ideal position to block the spikes coming in from the other volleyball team.

Workouts to Increase a Vertical Jump for Beach Volleyball

Increasing a vertical jump can be difficult for some athletes. Luckily, there are so many effective exercises you can do to improve your jumping ability for beach volleyball. Do not forget to include Leg Plyometrics Exercises into your training program. It’s worth noting that these exercises should be done regularly in order to see the effects.

Jump training exercises will definitely help you increase your vertical jump. Additionally, the exercises will enable you to perform much better on the sand. You will learn how to move faster and jump higher in order to become a successful beach volleyball player.

Knee Tuck Jumps

You should stand with your feet shoulder width apart to be able to do this exercise effectively. During this exercise, you should jump as high as you can. Remember that when your feet leave the ground, pull your knees as high as possible. Then you should straighten your legs quickly in order to be able to catch yourself the moment you land. After that you need to jump again. You should repeat this exercise as many times as you have planned.

Lateral Jumps

You should start jumping to the side from a standing position. Try to jump as hard as you can. Land on your leading leg and cross the other leg behind. Don’t let the leg crossed behind you touch the ground. Jump from one side to the other keeping as low as you can.

Mountain Climbers

Put your hands on the floor and start pulling one foot to reach your chest, and then do the same with the other foot. Don’t forget to switch your legs simultaneously. Your feet should touch the floor only for a second. You should also keep your hips low and move very quickly until all the repetitions are done.

Broad Jumps

In order to be able to do this exercise, you should stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Drop into a squat and then jump as far as you can. After you land on the ground, jump again immediately. If you do not have enough space, turn around and jump back to the starting position. Continue jumping as many times as you need. Remember than one jump is one repetition.


Initially, you should take a standing position. Squat down and place your hands by your feet. Then you should jump high raising your hands up. After that, squat down again and repeat the exercise. Don’t stop until all repetitions are complete.

Squat Jacks

In order to perform this exercise effectively, squat down with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep low and try to move quickly. Hop pulling your feet together and then immediately back apart. Don’t forget to maintain a squat position. Repeat this motion several times.

Agility Dots

For doing this exercise you will have to imagine a square or draw four dots on the ground. Then you will start jumping with one foot on those dots making a square. Keep in mind that you should jump from each corner of the square diagonally. Complete the exercise with one foot. Then repeat the same using the other foot.

Squat Jumps

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then lower down into a squat keeping your knees behind your toes. After that, jump high with as much force as you can. As soon as you land, squat down again and get ready to jump again. Remember that from a squat to a jump and back is one repetition. Repeat this exercise as many times as you have planned.

Jump Rope

You might think that jumping rope is too simple. In fact, this exercise can prove to be very effective and it helps increase a vertical jump significantly. Jump rope exercise improves heart health and strengthens your calf muscles significantly. It would be enough to spend about 30 seconds on this exercise daily in order to be able to see great results in the future. So, don’t forget to include this exercise into your beach volleyball training plan.


Thank you so much for reading this article. We’ve just provided you with insights into jump training for beach volleyball. Follow our tips and do workouts to increase a vertical jump for the sport of beach volleyball dramatically. Sooner or later, you will jump higher on the sand. As always, we wish you the best of luck!