Pakmen’s 13U Boys Volleyball Team Take First at Provincials

  • August 26, 2015

By Natalie Thai,

Between Saturday April 26th and Sunday April 27th 2014 , Pakmen’s 13U boys volleyball team went to Provincials; held by the OVA (Ontario Volleyball Association) in Waterloo. This was the first year that the OVA has hosted a 13U boys volleyball category. The 13U boys team played against some of the strongest teams in Ontario.

Mark Dildar, a player on the boys team says “It feels great being the leader of such a great team.” Pakmen is very proud of our 13U boys team, and so are the boys themselves.

Since the beginning of the first day, the boys had no doubt that the sets would be difficult, but the boys tried their hardest and look at them now. The team played some very close sets that could have cost them the finals. The 13U team kept trying and won every set they had taken on.

During the first day, the team hadn’t lost a single set. They played strong games against some of the best teams in Ontario. They played Storm RipTide (Aurora), MAC (Hamilton), and Markham Stingers (Markham). With close games and good wins, Pakmen always came out at the top. Not missing a single set, these boys kept away from 3rd sets.

On the second day, the games started heating up. Starting in the quarter finals, going against Niagara Rapids, the boys played two strong sets, 25- 9 then 25 – 20. During the semi finals, the boys played Leaside Thunder. With two strong sets winning 25-15 then 25-16, the boys were into the finals.

In the finals, the boys played the Markham Stingers. The Markham Stingers are a strong team who had won 5 out of their 7 games. In the first set Pakmen won 25-20. The second set was not much different. Pakmen, again, won the set, this time at a close 25-22. The players showed great technique and magnificent teamwork.

“It feels great,” says Saqib Shaikh, proud member of the team, “[we’re] the very first 13U boys team to win provincials.” Pakmen’s 13U boys volleyball team will forever be known as the first 13U boys volleyball team to win provincials in Ontario.

“We are very proud of our second line,” says Karman Nahal, “They played their hardest.” Karman is also a member of the team. “We are now ranked #1 in all of Ontario!”

The boys on the team are: Peter Rugosi, Spencer Gallop, Talha Khalol, Karman Nahal, Ashrash Shaikh, Mark Dildar, Owen Robinson, Vincent Varges, Saquib Shaikh with Michael Mavely and Sebastian Martin-Demers. Along with head coach Kelly Smith and assistant coaches Andrew Ceolin, Alex Mamuzic and Franco Rugosi.

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