“Spikes” Volleyball for kids

  • August 27, 2015
By Maanvi Dhillon

Finding a good activity that children want to go to and parents want to send them to is difficult; children want to have fun but parents want them to get exercise and learn new things. One great program that will please both children and their parents is Spikes Volleyball. Spikes Volleyball is a program for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 13 years old and is run by the Pakmen Volleyball Club. The program is a fun way to learn to play volleyball. Children learn volleyball skills and rules through fun games, drills, lessons, and other activities. Participants are also taught how to be a good teammate by showing good sportsmanship, being positive, encouraging others, and being co-operative. Children can meet new friends with the same interest in volleyball that they have. Participants emerge with basic knowledge of volleyball, the ability to perform skills like passing, bumping, serving and spiking, awareness of how a good teammate behaves, and admiration for the sport of volleyball.
Children who have tried out Spikes Volleyball program love it. Heather Parizeau, mother of a 7 year old girl explained how difficult it was to find a sport her daughter loved.
“We tried many different sports but couldn’t find one that she enjoyed. After hearing a recommendation, we signed her up for Spikes and she loved it! The coaches were amazing and always payed attention to the kids. She learned all sorts of skills in volleyball and was taught through fun games. I was impressed by the organization of the program. They made the kids feel really welcomed and gave them T-shirts and everything was great. My daughter definitely wants to do Spikes again.”
Lisa Palmer’s 7 year old son enrolled in Spikes for the first time last spring.
“My son absolutely loved Spikes. He really enjoyed the variety of teaching games and has improved in volleyball over the summer. He always looked forward to seeing the coaches and was really disappointed when he had to miss a session. He’s always asking me when Spikes is going to start again. He says he wants to be a volleyball champion.”

Champions or not, children are getting exercise, learning new skills, and having a good time at Spikes. And their parents couldn’t be happier.