Volleyball Drills for Defence

  • March 1, 2017

In the sport of volleyball as well as in many other sports offensive players traditionally attract more attention of fans. However, it is important to know that the success of the volleyball team also depends on its defense so much. That means that defenders also play a key role during the game. Obviously, every volleyball team must have strong defensive players who can resist the attacks of the opponent’s teams successfully. The main task of defensive players is not to allow the opponent’s team to get scores easily. Being a defender is not easy. So, the special training is required for preparing a successful defender. Here, we are going to provide volleyball drills to help your volleyball team improve its defense dramatically.

Reaction Blocking-Defence Drill

Before to start doing this volleyball drill players have to be divided into two groups. One group should consist of 3 hitters and another group consists of players who will be responsible for defense. Hitters should go on one side of the court and defensive players should go to another side of the court. So, the task of hitters is to hit the ball into defense. Defenders have to block the attack and play the ball out. This volleyball drill has the effect on the ability of volleyball players to occupy the right positions for defense and move quickly during the game.

Five-on-Five Dig or Die Drill

This volleyball drill has to be practiced by two teams. Each of teams has to consist of 5 players. Doing this volleyball drill helps improve overall team defense. In order to get started a coach tosses the ball to one of teams. As a result, the point is played out by two teams.

If the team begins to play then the opponent’s team has to be concentrated on defense. The scores have to be counted as usual. The only difference is that the defensive team will lose all its points if the ball lands untouched on its side of the court. Obviously, players will have to stay focused on defense when practicing this volleyball drill. As a result, defenders will manage to improve their defense skills dramatically.

Low-Ball Drill

Low-ball drill is performed by one hitter and five defenders. A hitter and defensive players have to be positioned on different sides of the court. A hitter should stand either on the box or raised platform. The box is positioned near the net in the middle part of the playing court. Five other players have to stand behind the 10-foot line on the other side of the net. They will be responsible for defense. The hitter selects a defense player randomly and hits the ball towards him or her. The task of a defense player is to handle the ball and pass it high in the air. So, other players must be able to catch the ball before it hits the floor. However, if a defense player can’t resist an attack successfully then he or she has to leave the drill.

Balancing the Court

It’s very important for defensive players to balance the court during the game properly. Defensive players must be able to cover unoccupied areas of the court very quickly. Performing this drill helps defensive players balance the court successfully.

This volleyball drill is practiced by four players – 3 defensive players and 1 hitter. All four players have to be positioned on the same side of the playing court. Prior to getting started the volleyball drill defensive players have to spread across the court. The hitter has to stand near the net. The task of the hitter is to hit the ball to the unoccupied area of the court. One of defensive players has to resist an attack hit and make a pass to another defense player. Finally, the ball is passed back to hitter and the next round of the volleyball drill begins.

Defensive Dig Drill

This volleyball drill is performed by two players. One player is hitter and another one is a defense player. Initially, the hitter throws the ball up and then completes an attack hit. So, the ball is hit to the defense player. The task of a defender is to resist an attack. It’s very important for a defense player to take the defensive position properly when resisting an attack. This volleyball drill is intended for improving defense skills of players.

Bad Set Drill

Two volleyball teams have to be involved in this volleyball drill. Teams have to be located on different sides of the court. The players of both teams have to take defensive positions. The coach occupies the position of the right front part of the court.

While practicing this volleyball drill coach will perform a setter’s functions. At the beginning of the drill a coach has to toss the ball to any of the hitters. It is worth noting that a coach should imitate real-game conditions. That means that a coach can make either perfect or bad set. Finally, two teams play the rally. After 5 tosses, it is time for teams to switch sides of the court.

Balance Quick Jumps

Prior to start performing this volleyball drill players should occupy the defense position and stand behind the baseline. At the beginning of the drill, a coach gives the signal and players start jumping over the baseline quickly.

When jumping defensive players need to ensure that their feet are parallel. After jumping over the baseline defensive players start moving forward and backwards quickly. It is worth saying that players shouldn’t jump over the line for a long period of time.

Actually, jumping takes a few seconds only. So, the task of a defense player is to run towards the net, touch it and return back to the initial position. Doing this volleyball drill regularly helps defensive players develop the muscles of their legs successfully. That’s why this volleyball drill has to be definitely included in the training program of defensive players.

Touch Ten Drill

As it is known, aggressiveness is extremely important to defensive players in the sport of volleyball. This drill is designed to teach volleyball players aggressiveness. This volleyball drill is performed by three hitters, defensive player, setter as well as coach. Prior to start doing the drill hitters, setter and coach are positioned on one side of the playing court. Defender has to go to the opposite side of the court.

Initially, the coach tosses the ball to a setter. The task of the setter is to set the ball to one of three hitters. As a result, a hitter completes an attack hit. Of course, hitters should do their best to keep the ball away from the defender. The defensive player has to take the right position on the playing court and resist an attack successfully. This volleyball drill continues until the defender touches ten balls. Afterwards, the rotation of players takes place.

4 Corner Pit Drill

It is another volleyball drill for defense that allows defenders to teach aggressiveness. The drill is performed by a defensive player and a coach. Prior to getting started a coach and a defensive player should position themselves on different sides of the playing court. A coach has to stand on box near the net. A defender has to be located in the central part of the playing court. The defender’s side of the court also has four marked colors.

When everything is ready – it is time to start practicing the drill. The coach completes an attack hit. The ball has to be hit towards one of four market colors on defender’s side of the court. The task of a defensive player is to touch the ball until it lands. If the ball hits the ground within one of the four corners a defensive player gets a penalty.

When completing an attack hit a coach has an opportunity to control the difficulty of the drill. As the beginning, a coach can complete an attach hit slowly. When a defensive player gets used to drill, a coach can begin to complete attack hits faster. As a result, more conditioning will be required. This volleyball drill continues until the certain number of touches or the certain amount of balls is reached.

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