Volleyball Organizations

  • January 16, 2018

By: Mohamed Gasm Elsied and Abrar Mughal
Pakmen Volleyball Club
Research Staff

European Volleyball Confederation

The European Volleyball Confederation is a volleyball league whose headquarters are located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. It is made up of three teams and two of the three teams are from Istanbul, Turkey. It was found on October 21, 1963 making Aleksandar Boričić the president of the organization.

FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup

The FIVB Volleyball Men’s World cup is an international tournament for senior men. It consists twelve teams and is a global tournament. It was founded in 1965 and the CEO is Ary Graça from Brazil. Russia holds the most titles ever with having six titles even though the most recent title was won by the United States in July 2017.

Asian Volleyball Confederation

The Asian Volleyball Confederation also known as AVC consists indoor, beach and grass volleyball in Asia and Australia. It was founded on May 6, 1952 by Dr. Saleh Bin Naseer. The headquarters of this organization is located in Bangkok, Thailand.


The plus liga is the highest men’s level  in poland. This organization was founded in june 30th 2000. It consists of 16 teams and currently are in the 2017-18 season and it usually they start during september.

Turkish Volleyball Federation

The Turkish Volleyball Federation is the main volleyball and beach volleyball corporation in Turkey. It was found in 1958 by Mehmet Akif Ustundag and the headquarters and now located in Ankara, Turkey.

African Volleyball Confederation

The african volleyball confederation is located in africa and its headquarters is located in egypt, middle east. it consists of  53 nations, it was founded in 1972 the current president of the african volleyball confederation is Amr El Wani. this confederation is played with men leagues and women’s leagues.

Peruvian Volleyball Federation

The Peruvian Volleyball Federation is the largest volleyball organization in Peru. This federation was found in February 24, 1942. The headquarters are know located in Lima and the president of the federation Lic Luis Linares.

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