Volleyball Shoes for Indoor Volleyball

  • December 21, 2015
Mizuno gum rubber sole of volleyball shoes

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes for indoor volleyball can be a very tough task especially for those people who have never done this before. Obviously, your objective is to pick the best pair of volleyball shoes that will perfectly correspond to your needs. In fact, you need to take into consideration many factors when choosing shoes for indoor volleyball. Breathability, cushioning, stability and foot support are considered to be the most important ones. It is necessary for you to select volleyball shoes which are comfortable and safe. So, you will be able to enjoy the match in your volleyball shoes. Do you take a huge interest in the sport of indoor volleyball? Are you a beginning volleyball player? If so, it is time to buy your first pair of shoes for indoor volleyball. In this guide, we are going to provide readers with a lot of important information about shoes for indoor volleyball. Additionally, you will manage to find the answers to the questions about shoes for indoor volleyball which are frequently asked by consumers.

The success of a player depends on his/her volleyball shoes. Special attention should be paid to the design of shoes for indoor volleyball. A volleyball shoe must have the gum rubber sole that provides proper traction. You also need to ensure that volleyball shoes are suitable for side-to-side movement. Such volleyball shoes will definitely allow you to react much quicker during the match. It is also good if the forefront of the shoe has more padding. So, it will be more comfortable for players to jump and land during the game.

Try to wear volleyball shoes and see how they fit your foot before making a purchase. Also, it makes sense to try several models prior to making the final choice. Make sure that laces will keep your foot firmly inside the shoe. So, it will be comfortable for you to play the game. The tongue of indoor volleyball shoes has to be made of high quality materials. So, it will provide better aeration during the game. The tongue that is made of synthetic mesh material makes volleyball shoes lighter and provides much better ventilation.

If the upper part of volleyball shoe is made of synthetic mesh material it will provide lighter weight and better ventilation. As a result, it will be easier for the foot to breathe. If the upper part of volleyball shoes has reinforcements their durability will increase significantly. The upper part of most volleyball shoes is usually made of synthetic materials. So, volleyball shoes with such uppers will be definitely the right choice. It is a good idea to select shoes for volleyball with insole that is made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). This material provides much better shock absorption. Volleyball shoes with insole that is made of compression-moulded EVA are also a good option. The quality of shoes for volleyball also depends on their outer sole. It makes sense to purchase volleyball shoes with outer sole that is made of such materials as rubber, polyurethane or thermoplastic polyurethane. Volleyball shoes with such outer sole are more damage resistant. Moreover, such shoes for indoor volleyball will provide better food support during the game.


Weight of shoes for indoor volleyball also matters. So, you should definitely pay attention to this factor when considering volleyball shoes. Manufacturers produce shoes for indoor volleyball of different models, styles and sizes. That’s why volleyball shoes are different in weight. However, your task is to select volleyball shoes of the right weight. Volleyball shoes don’t have to be either too light or too heavy. So, what is the optimal weight of volleyball shoes? The optimal weight of women’s volleyball shoes is between 9.2 and 11.0 ounces. The optimal weight of men’s volleyball shoes is between 11.2 and 15 ounces. Prior to making a purchase a buyer has to read product description carefully and see the weight of a shoe.

It is also very important to choose volleyball shoes of the right sizes. You need to consider the models of volleyball shoes which correspond to player’s weight. Also, keep in mind that the heavier you are – the more cushioning your shoes must have. It goes without saying that more cushioning in your volleyball shoes will help you avoid different kind of sprains and injuries during the game.

Do you have any physical problems? If so, you should definitely take them into consideration when choosing shoes for indoor volleyball. Do you suffer from strains? Then you should give a preference to volleyball shoes with greater support. Do you suffer from back problems? Would you like to provide reliable protection for your joints during the game? Obviously, you need to consider volleyball shoes with more cushioning.

Of course, you need to give a preference to volleyball shoes of popular brands. Asics and Mizuno are considered to be two world’s leading manufacturers of volleyball shoes which have built a strong reputation on the market.

Now, let’s talk about the main differences between Asics and Mizuno volleyball shoes. Comparing volleyball shoes of these two popular brands it is important to note that Asics volleyball shoes are wider than Mizuno volleyball shoes. Asics and Mizuno volleyball shoes are also different in styles. However, Asics changes the design style of its shoes almost every year. It is necessary to note that Asics provides volleyball players with a wider choice of shoes. Another important fact is that Asics is focused on making shoes for indoor volleyball of mesh. For this reason, Asics volleyball shoes are known for better breathability. At the same time, Mizuno prefers to make volleyball shoes of leather. That’s why Mizuno volleyball shoes have perfectly recommended themselves for better durability. So, if you purchase Mizuno volleyball shoes you don’t need to worry about your choice. These volleyball shoes will perfectly serve you for a long period of time. Asics is also well-known due to manufacturing high quality volleyball shoes for young players.

The stylish Gel-Volleyballcross Revolution MT volleyball shoes for men, the Gel-Volleycross Revolution for women and the Gel-Sensei 4 for men and women are the most popular models of volleyball shoes offered by Asics at present. Gel-Domain and Gel-Flashpoint has become extremely popular among women’s volleyball teams.

Wave Rally 4, Women’s Wave Bolt 2, Women’s Wave Lightning RX2 and Women’s Wave Tornado 8 Volleyball Shoe are the most popular models of volleyball shoes for women in Mizuno’s line. Wave Bolt 2, the Wave Lightning RX2 and the Wave Tornado 8 are favorites in the men’s collection of volleyball shoes offered by Mizuno.

Nike offers products for all sports, but the company is mainly focused on football and basketball. The information about Nike’s volleyball shoes can’t be found on the official company’s website. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that Nike also specializes in producing high quality women’s and men’s shoes for indoor volleyball. The company offers a wide choice of shoes for indoor volleyball. Nike’s volleyball shoes come in a vast variety of design styles, models, sizes and prices. Air Max Fusion, Air Extreme Volley and Nike Zoom Volley Hyperspike are considered to be the most popular products in Nike’s collection of volleyball shoes. Nike Zoom Volley Hyperspike is extremely popular model among women’s college volleyball teams. Today, we can see that Nike’s shoes for volleyball have built a strong reputation and continue to gain the popularity among players and teams. It is necessary to say that Nike’s products are very successful in the volleyball market.

Now, let’s try to make summarize the information about companies which offer shoes for indoor volleyball. Obviously, Asics and Mizuno are two key players on the market. They are dedicated to what they are doing. Both companies produce volleyball shoes of extremely high quality. As Asics and Mizuno have the desire for perfection and constantly work hard to improve the quality of their products. Both brands provide indoor volleyball players with a wide selection of shoes. That means that Asics and Mizuno can always offer a great number of good options to those people who are looking for comfortable and durable shoes for volleyball.

It goes without saying that the price is one of the most important factors in selecting volleyball shoes. Some volleyball shoes are more expensive than others. Obviously, the price of volleyball shoes significantly depends on their quality. That means that if you want to choose comfortable shoes for volleyball you shouldn’t economize on their quality. So, what factors do the cost of shoes for indoor volleyball depend on? Now, it is time to find the answer to this interesting question. The price of volleyball shoes mainly depends on materials and the technologies which are used in the manufacturing process. In fact, it is difficult to produce high quality shoes for indoor volleyball. So, manufacturers have to spend a lot of time on research and development. Also, the advanced technologies are used in the process of manufacturing shoes for volleyball. That’s why great volleyball shoes are usually available at high prices.