At Home Workouts and Drills for Indoor Volleyball

  • January 12, 2016
Working out for Volleyball

If you don’t have an opportunity to visit a volleyball court and join the team – don’t get into despair. Keep in mind that you can also develop and improve your volleyball skills outside the gym. There are a lot of great volleyball workouts and drills which you can easily do at home.

Today, we are going to tell you about at home volleyball workouts for better coordination, endurance, strength, performance and power. These volleyball workouts are designed to improve your volleyball skills. There is no doubt that these workouts and drills will become a good addition to a training program of any volleyball player.

In order to maximize the effects of performing at home volleyball workouts and drills a player has to focus on technique. It is very essential for a volleyball player to do all the necessary exercises correctly. When doing volleyball workouts and drills you need to make sure that your arms, hands, feet and legs are positioned properly.

Warm Up Before Your at Home Volleyball Workouts

No matter whether you are going to play volleyball on the court or would like do workouts at home. In one way or another, you will need to prepare yourself for training properly. Warm up helps volleyball players avoid getting injuries and lengthening muscles during workouts and game. That means that you should definitely warm up before to start doing workouts and drills for volleyball.

Warm up for volleyball drills usually takes about 20 minutes for a player to be done. It includes stretching arms, ankles, hamstrings, hip flexors and shoulders. As a result, all muscles of your body will be prepared for workouts.

Stretches are extremely important to volleyball players. Some volleyball coaches also recommend their players to do stretching exercises after workouts. Stretches help volleyball players improve their flexibility dramatically. A volleyball player should know how to perform an adductor stretch, groin stage and seated hamstring stretch and runner’s lunge. Doing these stretches will help you stretch the lower part of your body properly. Additionally, a volleyball player should perform chest and shoulder stretches prior to start doing at home workouts and drills for indoor volleyball.

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Leg Drills

Obviously, a volleyball player must have strong legs. Therefore, it is very important for you to focus on doing leg drills and workouts. Such leg drills as lunges, wall sits and jumping jacks must be definitely included in your training program. Also, it is worth saying that these volleyball workouts can be easily done at home. It is recommended to do lunges 3 sets of 20 reps. Wall sits have to be done 3 sets. However, the durability of each set is different. The first, second and third sets take 30, 45 and 60 seconds to be done respectively. Jumping jacks are done 3 sets of 50 reps.

Quick feet drills are also extremely important for the game of volleyball. Doing these drills helps volleyball players move faster. If you do fast feet drills on a regular basis you will certainly start demonstrating better speed and endurance during the game.

Now, we want to provide jump rope series which will help you make your feet quick. Do normal pace jump for 30 seconds. Spend 30 seconds on training right foot and then spend 30 seconds on training the left foot. Afterwards, you will need to do double left and double right. Each of these exercises should take up to 30 seconds. After doing these leg drills you need to go as fast as you can. Spend about 30 seconds on doing this exercise.

A volleyball player has to repeat workouts for quick feet 3 times. It is also recommended to have the rest between sets. However, the interval between sets has to last no more than 1 minute. You can also diversify your at home volleyball training program with jump rope speed workout that takes about 5 minutes to be done.

Setting Drills

Setting drills play a big role in the training program of a volleyball player. First of all, you should warm up your hands. Do quick sets against a wall. Each of sets should take up to 45 seconds. Then take one step back and do set against a wall again. This time a set has to last for about 60 seconds. Afterwards, you will need to take a bigger step back and set against a wall again. The set should last for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

After warming up your hands you will need to lie on your back. Note that your knees have to be bent. Now, you need to set the ball to yourself. Do your best to set the ball quickly. Also, the ball shouldn’t be pushed very high. Set the ball to yourself 100 times. Then you shouldn’t set the volleyball so quickly. Also, the ball can be pushed higher. Then set the ball to yourself 100 times again.

Agility Workouts

It is extremely important for a volleyball player to move quickly during the game. That’s why you need to focus on agility workouts when training. It is definitely a good idea to jump with childhood jump rope. When jumping with rope you should also try to jump on one leg. Jump on the left leg and then on the right leg.

Arm Strength Workouts

If you play the game of volleyball then you will certainly need to have very strong arms. Such exercises as Lateral Dumbbell Raise and Single-Arm Med Ball Push-Up will help you make your arms much stronger. Do Lateral Dumbbell Raise workouts 3 sets and 25 reps and Single-Arm Med Ball Push-Up workouts 3 sets and 3 reps. The workouts for strengthening arms have to be done 5 times for each side.

Abdomen Workouts

It goes without saying that volleyball players must have strong abdominal muscles. In order to build strong abdominal muscles you need to do sit-ups 3 sets of 50 reps and plank 3 sets (the first set lasts 30 seconds, the second set lasts 45 seconds and third set lasts 60 seconds).


Core Workouts

A volleyball player must have a nice and toned core. That’s why you should do workouts which will help you build and maintain abs muscles. Such workouts as sit ups and plank will definitely have a positive impact on your abs muscles. Do sit ups 3 sets of 50 reps. Plank exercise workouts have to be done 3 sets (each set lasts for about 45 seconds).

Passing Drills

So called “Pass to Self”, “Wall Pass” and “Pass-Set-Pass” drills are designed to help volleyball players develop their passing skills successfully. Try to master “Pass to Self” technique. In order to prepare for passing to yourself you need to plant your feet and lower your legs. So, you will be ready for passing to yourself. There are several different ways of passing to yourself. Try to pass yourself without moving your feet. Pass to yourself when moving forward and backward. You can also pass to yourself side-to-side by shuffling your feet. “Wall Pass” technique involves using the wall for developing passing skills in volleyball. In this case, the wall serves as a partner and returns the ball back to a player. When working with the wall you should try to pass both diagonal and forward. When performing the “Wall Pass” workout you should also definitely try pass-set-hit against the wall. Pass-Set-Pass is another great workout that allows volleyball players to learn both passing and setting to yourself.

Hitting Drills

Volleyball players can also improve their hitting skills by performing special drills. However, it would be better for you to do hitting drills in an open space. A player can also use a wall for developing his/her hitting skills. So, this practice involves hitting against the wall. Performing dumbbell arm swings also helps players improve their hitting skills. Dumbbell arm swings are also recommended for better strength and endurance.

Focus on Explosive Movements

Volleyball players often have to move explosively during the game of volleyball. For example, explosive movement is done to spike the ball down to the opponent team’s part of the playing court. Frequently, volleyball players move explosively to prevent the ball from dropping down on their part of the court. That’s why it is very important for volleyball players to focus on explosive movements in their training program. When training at home volleyball players can do such workouts as knee tucks, shooting star jumps and squat jumps. Perform these volleyball workouts 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

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