Balance Training for Volleyball

  • February 13, 2017

As you probably know, there are different types of volleyball training. Today, we would like to tell you about balance training for volleyball. First of all, we’ll highlight the importance of balance training for a volleyball player. We’ll also recommend you some of volleyball exercises to do for better body balance. Moreover, we’ll give you a few balance training tips. As a result, you’ll be able to get the most out of your balance training program.

Why It’s So Important to Stay Balanced for Volleyball

It’s worth noting that balance training delivers multiple important benefits to volleyball players. There is a direct link between staying balanced and better defense in volleyball. That means that it’s crucial for defensive volleyball players to focus on balance training. It’s also important to note that balance plays a big role in ball control. Below, we’ll explain why it’s so important for volleyball players to stay balanced.

It’s no surprise that defensive volleyball players need to dig the ball many times during the game. So, if a defensive player knows how to balance a body properly during the game he/she will be able to dig the ball successfully most of the time. It’s important to point out that a volleyball player has to focus on stability. In other words, athletes need to keep their feet firmly on the ground during the game. Obviously, if a defensive player has a strong and stable body he/she will be able to resist most of the opponent team’s attacks perfectly. On the other hand, defensive players must be able to make explosive movements when such a need arises. So, they need to focus on mobility as well. In other words, a defensive volleyball player has to ensure that he/she will be able to move in a variety of directions easily.

Keep in mind that if you stay focused on stability during the game then obviously this will negatively affect your mobility. However, if you stay focused on mobility then this will negatively affect your stability. Therefore, the balance between stability and mobility should be found for better defense.

It’s crucial for you to know that resisting an attack of the opposite team is only half the battle. Defensive players also should do everything they can to shift from defense to offence. That means that after digging the ball defensive players have to do their best to return to the game as quickly as possible. They should be able to stand up and stay balanced very quickly.

Exercises to Improve Balance for Volleyball

It goes without saying that having a strong and balanced body will greatly contribute to volleyball player’s performance on the court. Now, it’s time for you to know exercises which you should do to improve your balance.

– Core strengthening exercises. Without a doubt, basic core strengthening exercises (such as lying hip extension, plank, side plank as well as mountain climbers) have to be a part of a volleyball player’s training program. Doing volleyball exercises for core training will have a big positive impact on your body balance. With a strong core you’ll certainly find it easy to maintain proper posture and move on the court. In addition, improving your core strength will make it easy to serve the ball and return the ball during the game.

– Building strength and improving flexibility. Body strength and flexibility are two key elements for better body balance. Obviously, if you want to perform well on the court then you need to make your body strong and flexible.

It’s a great idea for volleyball players to focus on doing core strengthening exercises with weight loaded on the spine. However, it’s incredibly important for athletes to stabilize the body’s core and maintain good posture when doing this type of exercises.

Moreover, it makes sense for volleyball players to do exercises with weight loaded on the spine quickly. By doing so, athletes will be able to develop their explosive power that’s very important for the sport of volleyball.

So, how to improve body flexibility? One of the best ways to increase body flexibility is to do yoga exercises.

– Exercises for better hand-eye coordination. It’s widely known that hand-eye coordination is crucial for success in the sport of volleyball. It’s important to keep in mind that hand-eye coordination plays a key role in digging and spiking the ball. On the other hand, doing exercises for better hand-eye coordination also improves body balance.

Actually, there is one exercise that can help you improve your hand-eye coordination dramatically. This exercise should be done by two players. Initially, the 1-st player needs to squat and prepare for receiving the ball. The 2-nd player needs to toss the ball to the 1-st player. The 1-st player has to do everything he/she can to return the ball to the 2-nd player. Remember, it’s crucial for the 1-st player to keep his/her feet firmly on the ground when practicing this exercise. You’ll be able to improve your hand-eye coordination significantly over the time if you do this exercise on a regular basis. And of course, doing this exercise will lead to better body balance over time.

– Squat and hold exercise. The reality is you need to be in a squatted position most of the time while playing the game of volleyball. When you are in a squatted position you’ll certainly find it easy to make an explosive movement. From this position you’ll be able to move side-to-side and front-to-back easily and quickly if such a need arises. Keep in mind that doing squat and hold exercise will help you stay balanced during the game and will contribute greatly to your performance on the court.

– One-legged balance. One-legged balance is the exercise that you need to do for better balance. Actually, this exercise is easy to do. So, even beginners will not find it hard to do one-legged balance exercise. First of all, you need to stand with feet together. Now, you need to pick one foot. When doing this you need to ensure that your knee faces forward. Afterwards, you should switch foot and repeat everything with another foot. Doing this exercise will positively affect your balance on the court.

– One-legged squat. One-legged squat is another good exercise that volleyball players need to do for better balance. Initially, you need to stand with your feet hip-width apart. Now, it’s time for you to point your left foot out front. You obviously need to bend your knees and take squat position and point your arms out front. When doing this type of exercise you also need to make sure that your chest is upright. Afterwards, you need to return to your initial position and switch feet. Now, repeat everything with another foot. Doing this great exercise will help you stay balanced for volleyball.

– Leg swings. You can also improve your body balance as well as performance on the court dramatically by doing leg swings exercise on a regular basis. First of all, you need to stand firmly on the ground. Your task is to raise your left leg and then swing it forward and backward.  Your leg should be about 3 – 6 inches off the ground. Now, you can also touch the floor with your left leg to stay balanced while doing the exercise. Afterwards, you should continue swinging your left leg. However, try to avoid touching the floor this time. Switch legs and repeat everything once again.         

Balance Training Tips for Volleyball from Dave Preston

The legendary McMaster men’s volleyball coach, Dave Preston, has also given his insight into balance training for volleyball. Below, you’ll be able to find some of Dave Preston’s training tips to help volleyball players with balance improvement.

Dave says when volleyball players dig the ball they need to control the trajectory of the ball with their chest. In order to do this, athletes need to take the proper position. Dave stresses out that volleyball players need to ensure that their knees are standing inside their feet. According to Dave’s opinion, taking such a position will greatly contribute to volleyball player’s body control during the game. Dave points out that keeping knees inside feet allows volleyball players to benefit from their lateral movement skills and end ups with better chest control. If a player takes such a position he/she will find it easy to control chest while digging the ball. Obviously, good chest control is incredibly important for body balance.

When sharing his insights into balance training, Dave Preston, also pays a close attention to recovery move after digging the ball. He says that some of volleyball players choose to go from really wide steps where they are really locked in. Actually, it’s a mistake that we see so many defensive volleyball players make again and again. Dave thinks that narrowing steps helps players find the balance between mobility and stability. Finding this kind of balance helps a player to be more stable on feet. Thus, an athlete will be able to move in a variety of directions easily. Perhaps, recovery move will not be required. As a result, a defensive player will be able to create transition opportunity after digging the ball. So, the team’s chances of shifting from defense to attack will increase dramatically.

Thank you so much for reading our article about balance training for volleyball. Hopefully, you understand the importance of balance training for volleyball training now. Do the right exercises and follow Dave Preston’s tips to stay balanced for volleyball! Good luck!

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