Pakmen remain perfect in U17 play

By DAVID WINER Greek philosopher Aristotle may not have been around when volleyball was first played, but he certainly recognized the value of hard work when he said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." And there's no doubt the Mississauga Pakmen 17u Gold team makes a habit of excelling through ... More

U of T Women Host Ms Pakmen 16 at Goldring Centre

"On Monday, March 23, the CIS 4th place UofT Women's Volleyball Team hosted our 16U Girls Pakmen team at the new Goldring Center at its downtown campus. The Pakmen girls were invited to join and participate in a practice with the varsity team, run by 2015 CIS Coach of the Year Kristine Drakic. The girls were put through an intense workout in ... More

U17 Pakmen Boys win U18 OVA Grand Prix

  Over the past few weeks, the u17coaches have stressed many components that we believe are key ingredients to achieving success at this level and beyond. They feel that for this team to continue achieving success, they must further develop their physical skills but just as importantly, their mental skills.. This past weekend the OVA 18U ... More

Pakmen 16u girls make club history at provincials

By DAVID WINER Whether it's walking on the moon, or flying solo non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean, being first at something means you will forever be remembered. While the Mississauga Pakmen 16u girls volleyball team won't be welcomed home with a ticker tape parade down Hurontario Street, they will, like Neil Armstrong and Charles ... More

Pakmen 17U boys survive slip to win fourth straight Ontario title

With each and every championship, the Mississauga Pakmen have seen an increasingly large and burdensome target forming on their collective backs. Entering this past weekend's (April 10-12) Boys 17u Ontario Championships at RIM Park in Waterloo, the pressure seemed unbearable for a team seeking its fourth successive championship. And on the ... More

All-Pakmen Girls’ 17U Championship Final Sets RIM Park Buzzing

  It's 4:30 pm on Sunday, 19th April, at Rim Park in Waterloo. A weary Durham Attack player winds her way through the thinning crowds at the Ontario Volleyball Championships. "An all-Pakmen 17U girls' final," she sighs to an accompanying friend, "what's with that?"   "That" was the final that set RIM Park abuzz. The dominant 17U ... More

Pakmen brush off pesky WASPS to win provincial 16u gold

  By David Winer Every now and then a championship season can be traced to a single, game-changing moment. For the Pakmen 16u boys, such a dramatic reversal in fortunes pivoted on one of their most embarrassing sets of the season. A result, that could have sent the entire season's hopes and dreams careening out of control. Silver ... More

Historic Ms Pakmen 15U, 16U and 17U medal wins at 17U Championship

In week 1 of the Provincial championships the Ms Pakmen 16U team made history by becoming the first Pakmen girls team to win a Division 1 Tier 1 championship winning the 16U girls title. This weekend the Pakmen girls were at it again setting a few more records for the club and possibly Ontario. For perhaps the first time ever teams from the ... More

Upstarts capture all-Pakmen 18U provincial final

By DAVID WINER Before the two combatants took to the floor Sunday (Apr. 26) afternoon for the 18U gold medal match at the Ontario Volleyball Association championships at RIM Park in Waterloo, the winning club was already a certainty. All that remained in doubt was which Pakmen players would wear the gold. For the first time in OVA ... More

Pakmen dominance at Provincials comes with record performances

  By DAVID WINER The Mississauga Pakmen were so successful at the Ontario Volleyball Championships, the players earned enough medals to open, not one, but two high-end jewelry shops. Competing the past three weekends at RIM Park in Waterloo, the Pakmen slammed the door shut on any doubts that they truly are the class of the OVA. E... More