New Website for the GTA Premier League

The GTA Premier League is arguably the most popular program in our club.  This high-performance volleyball training program for girls in grades 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12. We now have a dedicated website for this program which features all the teams and their weekly game results. Check it out at Check PAKMEN's High ... More

Player spiking a ball in beach volleyball

The Difference Between Beach and Indoor Volleyball

A lot of people usually prefer to play the game of volleyball in summer. In fact, there are two main types of volleyball – beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball is played by women and men. It is worth saying that beach and indoor volleyball have a lot of common things. However, there are a lot of ... More

PAKMEN’S 5th Annual Christmas Party

Party # 1 Who: All Pakmen members, their friends and families What: Free Party with games, music, food, and prizes When: Friday, December 11th, 5 pm to 9 pm.  Where: Beach Blast - 7 court indoor sand courts - 15 Leswyn Rd. Toronto Why: To celebrate another great year at Pakmen! Free pizza/pop for kids 18 and under. Party # 2 Who: All ... More

Pakmen player spiking a volleyball

A Case for the Two Point Play

by Orest Stanko The Federation Internationale de Volleyball’s (FIVB) latest tinkering with the rules of volleyball has done nothing to make the game more exciting.  And, it’s nothing new.  Net violations of any kind are once again not to be tolerated.  WAHOO!  The officials will be afforded the opportunity to pucker-up and blow their ... More

Volleyball Pakmen girls team celebrating

The History of Volleyball

Today, the sport of volleyball is extremely popular in the United States and other countries of the world. Without a doubt, volleyball is a wonderful game. There are both men’s and women’s volleyball. According to the statistics, about 46 million people of all ages play volleyball on a regular basis in the United States these days. Approx... More

Volleyball Canada

Catching-up With the Rest of the World

by Orest Stanko Recently Canada’s national teams accounted themselves very well at several important international competitions: Canada’s U21 men’s team finished a very respectable eighth at the FIVB World Championships in Mexico; our senior men’s team won gold at the NORCECA Men’s Continental Championship after beating Cuba 3-1; and ... More

3 volleyball nets and sunset

The Game is Played Across the Net

by Orest Stanko In case you haven’t noticed, the game of volleyball is played across a net that separates two (2) opposing teams.  My statement is not meant to be condescending.  It simply begs the question: why do coaches spend an excessive amount of time in practices running same-side partner drills?  I’m not inferring that same-side ... More

GTA Premier League for Girls Keeps Growing

It was almost ten years ago that Pakmen started the GTA Premier League - a high quality volleyball league for girls who also played on their school teams.  The league was designed for girls who did not have the time or desire to commit to rep volleyball but still loved the game so much that they wanted to play for the entire school year, instead ... More

A girls hand on a volleyball

Every Touch Counts!

by Orest Stanko Athletes and coaches alike have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “…you play the way you practice” or “…practice the way you want to play, and play the way you practice.”  But how many teams really embrace a training attitude that can have an incredibly profound impact on their success?  It requires buy-in from ... More

What is VCCE?

Volleyball Canada is pleased to announce the Centre of Excellence in Mississauga. This program will be run in partnership with the Pakmen Volleyball Club, one of only three OVA accredited Clubs in Ontario.   The VCCE program is designed specifically to prepare athletes who are committed to the sport of volleyball and preparing to pursue ... More