Getting to know Pakmen players: Banni Sodhi

  • August 26, 2015

Article by Gurkaran Gill

Favourite movie: All of the Harry Potter’s

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite book: The Fault in our Stars

Jersey number: 5

Banni Sodhi is a Pakmen player for the 13U team. She makes her passion for the game very public and certainly is one of the most well known volleyball players in David Leeder Middle School. After seeing her play I can definitely say that she has a lot of fun playing and gets along with her teammates well. Other than her love of the game, her passing is one of her best skills and she also has great stamina as she trains herself every day. Going forward it looks like she has some great goals set for herself.

The following is an interview with Banni Sodhi:

What got you into volleyball?
“I was definitely influenced by my siblings who both played volleyball with Pakmen for a long time. They both got me into it.”

What kind of things did your siblings do with Pakmen?
“Well my brother played 13U, he played every year until 18U. He has now become a coach and writes some articles for the Pakmen site blog.”

What do you like to do in your spare times?
” I like to listen to music as it puts me to ease, I like to go and hang out with friends. I also love going on runs and reading books.”

What are your goals in volleyball?
“Right now I’m not quite sure to be honest. All I know is that I have no plans to stop playing volleyball any time soon. I want to play until 18U and I’ll see where to go from there.”

Goals for outside of volleyball?

“If you’re asking what I want to do in 10 years, I really don’t know. All I know is that I want to be happy. I want to have a successful career doing something I enjoy.”

What do you like about volleyball?
“I like the feeling of making a good pass, or getting a good hit, I’m very competitive so I definitely love winning. I also enjoy playing with my awesome teammates.”

What makes you want to get better?
“Well my coach and my teammates encourage me to get better, if there was one person in particular, it would be Zoë, she’s not afraid to tell me if I did something wrong. She has taught me many things and has helped me get better.”

What position do you feel most comfortable with and why?
“Probably lebero, because I like passing and digging. I would say passing is my best skill, so I feel comfortable as a lebero.”

What is your role on the team?
“Well I play first line if that means anything, there are other people on the team who have a bigger leadership roles than me but I enjoy what I do and what my role is.”

What’s one of your favourite volleyball memories?
“There are so many I can say but one of the most memorable ones is when we were winning against a rival team, it was game point for us, they tried to tip it and Phoenix and I blocked it straight down to win. It was a big moment for me.”

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