Kids Volleyball

  • August 27, 2015

Kids Volleyball is enjoyed on a weekly basis by over 800 million people world wide. That number is pretty staggering for a game that was invented by combining Tennis, Basketball, Baseball and Handball. A game that is a perfect combination of simplicity and complexity, strategy and power is certain to appeal to kids in a world where attention spans are measured in nano-seconds.

For those just starting out, volleyball is a simple game that can teach kids balance, cardio, flexibility, strategy and co-ordination. For young players at a more advanced level, the game increases in difficulty while they learn the intricacies of the sport. Either way, volleyball is an excellent way for kids to productively spend their free time.

On top of the fact that volleyball is a sport that most people can understand rather quickly, it is also inexpensive to begin playing. When speaking of youth sports, we hear so many parents repeat the horror story of signing their childup for hockey. Not only did it cost them a small fortune to register their child for a league, but they are then forced to fork over a large sum of their hard earned money to pay for the required equipment that is necessary to keep their son or daughter safe. Never mind in today’s game, safety is not guaranteed as kids move up the ranks into contact sports. Kids volleyball on the other hand is everything for kids that hockey is not in 2012. Kids volleyball is relatively inexpensive with the equipment focus falling in two areas, shoesand knee pads. The beauty of this is that volleyball can be enjoyed by mostevery kid. Kids volleyball has flourished at a time when parents are lookingfor a cost effective way for their children to stay active and have fun.

This is where volleyball really separates itself from so many other kids’ activities. Volleyball gives each child the change to commit to a fun rigorous physical activity that helps built physical skills as well as team work and a sense of community. Kids sports have always been an excellent way to promote fitness and community values and in 2012, Volleyball is an embodiment of this mission by also being inclusive.

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