The better way to stay healthy

  • August 27, 2015

According to Statistics Canada, 29% of adolescents in 2007 were overweight. The easy access to video games and junk food has made it a lot easier for our youth to develop habits that will bite them in their back by the time they enter their 30s. Alex Hutchinson from the Globe and Mail wrote an article about the best way to fight back obesity. He states that a common misconception is to increase the amount of “gym time” in schools, by focusing on laps, push-ups and other non-skill based activities. Rather, he argues that gym classes should focus on “specialized teaching, combined with a focus on lasting activity patterns rather than immediate fitness benefits”. Findings from an Australian study support this argument. Hutchinson mentions that “developing a life-long love of physical activity” is more effective in maintaining a healthy weight than aiming “to get kids fitter or better at sports”. If an adolescent nurtures an activity, like volleyball, then they are better off then those being forced to do alienated activities in an attempt to lose weight or stay healthy.

Click here to read Alex Hutchinson’s article in the Globe and Mail.

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