Volleyball Drills for Libero

  • February 26, 2016
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Liberos are very important players in the volleyball team. Like setters, defensive specialists and other players a libero has a lot of responsibilities during the game of volleyball. Obviously, liberos must be very fast on the volleyball court. Moreover, liberos must have good reaction and make decisions very quickly.

It is worth saying that the training of liberos is a little bit different from training of other players. When preparing liberos coaches have to be focused on agility, reaction and individuality. Today, we will tell you about volleyball drills which liberos have to include in their training program and do them regularly. These volleyball drills will definitely have a huge positive impact on speed, and decision-making of liberos. Moreover, doing these volleyball drills will help liberos increase their flexibility and strength. There is no doubt these volleyball drills will help coaches improve their liberos dramatically.

Eye Work Drill for a Libero

Obviously, a libero must be able to watch game and understand the hitters properly. That means that eye work has to be a high priority item in the training program of a libero player as well as a defensive specialist. In fact, the net is not required for performing this volleyball drill.

So, the task of a libero is to watch the ball when it is going to a setter. You will also need to watch how the ball is passed to the setter. Moreover, you need to watch the moment when the ball leaves a setter’s hand. Right now, you will need to realize where the ball will go. After you determine the direction of the ball you will need to stop watching it and start watching the hitter.

When watching the hitter it is especially important for you to focus attention on hand and wrist of a hitter. There is no doubt that watching the hitter will help you realize where the ball will go in the end. Keep in mind that it is a very useful volleyball drill in the process of preparing liberos as well as defensive specialists.

Drop and Sprint Drills with a Tennis Ball

Libero has to perform this volleyball drill with his partner. This volleyball drill involves using a tennis ball as well. First of all, a libero has to take the position of a defensive specialist. The distance between a libero and his partner has to be approximately 10 feet. The partner has to face the libero. When both players have occupied the right positions a partner should hold a tennis ball in each of his/her hands. Keep in mind that the tennis ball has to be located at shoulder level. Now, the partner should through the ball towards a libero. The task of a libero is to catch the ball after the first bounce and don’t let it land the second time. It is necessary to perform this volleyball drill 3 sets of 3-5 repetitions.

Initially, the drill is performed with one tennis ball. However, once a libero gets used to the drill it is the right time to make the task more complicated. That means that a libero has to hold two tennis balls in each of his/her hands. Special attention should be drawn to the fact that these two tennis balls have to be different in colors.

First of all, the target color ball is identified. Afterwards, a partner has to throw two balls at once. The task of a libero is to catch the target color ball after the first bounce. This drill is more advanced comparing to the drop and sprint drill with one tennis ball.


Volleyball Pepper Drills

As it is known, pepper drill is a popular choice of many volleyball coaches. This volleyball drill includes a lot of touches and allows volleyball players to develop the skill of controlling the ball during the game. Moreover, doing volleyball pepper drills are recommended for better concentration. So, after doing these drills players will easily manage to focus on the place from which the ball is coming from. Libero players should include volleyball pepper drills in their training program as well.

In fact, there are volleyball pepper drills of different types: Two Way Pepper, 4 x 2 Pepper Drill, Volleyball – 2 Player Pepper Drill Multiple Hits, Triangle Pepper Drill – Over the Net and Over the Net Pepper Drill.

Two way pepper drill

Four back row players have to be involved in doing this drill. Initially, two players are positioned in the back row on one side of the net. Other two players are positioned in the back row on the opposite side of the net.

At the beginning, starting players complete a down ball hit, so the ball goes to the opposite side of the court. Other two players receive the ball, pass and set it to themselves and complete a down ball hit. Receiving two back row players do the same. While performing this drill it is very important for players to understand each other, control a ball and finally hit it to a partner. The first contact is received overhead and then player hit the second contract.

The 4 x 2 pepper drill

This drill involves contacts of different types which help libero players improve their ball control skills. The drill is done by pairs of players and involves using one ball. At the beginning, the ball is hit to the partner by the first player. The task of the partner is to receive the ball and then pass it up. Then a player completes left fist hit, right fist hit, set the ball and completes down ball hit to the partner. The partner receives the ball and does the same.

Volleyball – 2 player pepper drill multiple hits

Prior to start practicing this drill a coach has to divide a volleyball team into groups. Each group has to consist of 2 players. The distance between two volleyball players has to be approximately 10-15 feet. Each group of players is provided with 1 ball.

Initially, two players should stand face to face. Starting player completes a down ball hit, so the ball goes to his/her partner. A partner receives the ball, then passes it up and complete right fist hit, left fist hit, set the ball and finally completes a down ball hit to return the ball to his partner. Afterwards, the same actions are performed again.

Triangle pepper drill

Prior to start performing this drill 3 volleyball players should take the following positions: left back, left front and a setter. As a result, these three players create the triangle. At the beginning, a coach throws a ball to a player that occupies left back position. Left back player receives the ball and passes it to a setter. The task of the setter is to set the ball to left back player. After the hit, left back and left right players should replace each other on their positions.

Over the net pepper drill

This drill is performed by pairs of players. Each pair of volleyball players is provided with one ball. Player 1 and Player 2 have to be positioned on different sides of the net. The starting player makes a downward flight and hits the ball over the net. Player 2 receives the ball, makes a downward flight and hits the ball to Player 1. The same actions should be continued several times.

Under the Net Passing Drill

Players have to take low defense positions on different sides of the court. Their task is to pass the ball forth and back under the net. It is very important for players to stay low and take advantage of so called the “rocking” motion. Without a doubt, such a position is vital to a successful pass. Moreover, players must avoid wrong arm movements and swinging while performing this drill.

7 Touches Drill

This volleyball drill is performed by three players. The starting player completes a down ball hit. The task of a libero is to dig up it and then his partner should touch the ball. The drill is completed when the partner of a libero makes 7 touches. This volleyball drill has a huge positive impact on serving and receiving skills of a libero.               

Do a Lot of Footwork

It is necessary to say that agility footwork is vital for preparing a successful libero. That means that libero has to do a lot of footwork that is intended to increase his/her agility. That is why walking on dots, ladders and stairs must be definitely added to the training program of a libero.

Do Weight Training for Better Strength and Flexibility

As it has been already said before, liberos must be very strong and flexible players. For this reason, liberos have to visit a gym and work with weights at least 3 times a week on a regular basis. It is especially important for liberos to do conditioning during the off season. Those liberos who visit a gym and do workouts during the off season will definitely manage to avoid getting injuries during the playing season.

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