Volleyball Drills for the Setter

  • February 19, 2016
Pakmen Volleyball Setter

A setter plays a big role in the game of volleyball. This player holds one of the most important and hardest team’s positions. The help of a setter is immeasurable during the game of volleyball. A setter is known as a volleyball player who has multiple responsibilities during the game.

Setter’s responsibilities include the following: helping other players to prepare for completing a successful attack hit, controlling tempo, maintaining momentum and many others. Obviously, it is very important for a setter to move quickly on the playing court and have strong setting passing skills as well as a good feel for volleyball and good coordination. In addition, setters have to develop their defensive skills. Special training is required to develop a successful setter.

In fact, it is not easy to be a setter. Keep in mind that a setter must be able to work hard both at home and in the gym. However, every volleyball player must have basic setting skills. There are special volleyball drills which allow volleyball players to improve their setting skills dramatically. Of course, volleyball coaches should know how to help players master the skills of setting and improve their team’s setting technique.

Today, we are going to provide effective volleyball drills to help you become a successful setter. Without a doubt, these drills will be a good addition to a volleyball practice plan of any setter. Setters must work on these great volleyball setting drills consistently and the successful results will not keep them waiting for a long time.

Setting Progression Drill

When it comes to using this drill for training setters, it is necessary to focus on the correct positions of hands. So, a player always has to set with the correct hand positions and focus on shorter releases. Moreover, a setter must be able to release the ball quickly.

Initially, a player has to set a ball straight up and down. A ball should go no more than 5 feet in the air. Without making pauses, a setter has to switch to another task. Now, you need to go down to your knees, sit and lie down. Set the ball several times and then return to the standing position. Worth noting: setters must do their best to avoid losing the control of the ball and dropping it when performing this volleyball drill.

Set to Box Drill

Either a box or a chair has to be placed in the setter’s area before to start practicing this volleyball setting drill. Now, a setter has to stand on it and raise his/her hands to be able to resist an attack hit. As a result, up to 10 balls can be tossed to a setter from different directions at the same time. So, the setter must work as effectively as it is possible. It goes without saying that doing so called set to box drill has a huge positive influence on the consistency of a setter. That’s why this volleyball drill has to be included in setter’s training program.


Jump Setting Drill

Mastering jump setting drill is especially important to a setter. Jump setting delivers multiple significant benefits to volleyball players during the game. So, if a player learns the skill of jump setting drill you will be able to reach the ball much quicker. As a result, you will manage to speed up the process of conducting an attack hit dramatically. Another important advantage of jump setting is that this technique provides volleyball players with an easy way of fooling their opponents. That means that each time you use jump setting during the game the players of the opponent team may start thinking that your team is planning to complete an attack hit. There is no doubt that jump setting will help you make your blocker begin to worry again and again. That’s why setters are advised to learn how to set both from the ground and from a jump set.

When it comes to learning the skill of jump setting it is very important for you to ensure that your feet are positioned properly. Keep in mind that in order to make an effective jump set a volleyball player has to be positioned under the ball. No matter, whether a player is going to make a jump set or ground set. In both cases, your body and hands will be positioned in the same way. Therefore, if you know how to do ground set you will be able to learn how to do jump set easily and quickly. A setter has to do his/her best to set the ball at the moment when his/her jump reaches peak! And, of course, practicing on a regular basis is vital for jump setting success.

Setter Concentration Drill

As mentioned above, a setter must have good concentration. It also means that a setter must be able to get into his/her position quickly. The setter concentration drill is specially designed to improve setter’s concentration.

When practicing this volleyball drill, a setter has to play for both teams. The task of a coach is to tosses the team a free ball. Afterwards, the setter who runs the play receives the pass. Then the setter has to take advantage of the shot time to move to the opponent’s side of the court under the net and back into a setting position again. Doing this volleyball setting drill will definitely help a setter improve his/her concentration.

Long Distance Setting Drill

As a rule, the ball is set to the nearby hitters during the game of volleyball. However, very often a setter has to set the ball crosscourt as well. So, if you play on the setting position you have to be able to make long distance sets. That means that a setter must practice long distance sets regularly. There is a special volleyball drill designed to help setters improve long distance sets.

This drill is done by two players. Players have to stand face to face with each other. The distance between two players has to be at least 20 feet. Now, it is time for players to set the ball forth and back. Performing this volleyball drill will definitely have a huge positive impact on the quality of short and long distance sets. In addition, practicing this volleyball drill provides a serious support for hands and wrists of setters. Of course, strong hands and wrists will help setters do their responsibilities much better during the game.

Setting Triangle Drill

This volleyball setting drill is usually performed by three players (setter, player 1 and player 2). First of all, three players have to create the triangle. Both player 1 and player 2 should take a ball. For the first time, the ball is tossed to player 1 to a setter. So, the task of a setter is to set the ball back to player 1. Very quickly the ball has to be tossed to a setter by player 2. Now, the task of a setter is to set the ball to player 2.

Have a Seat Drill

This volleyball drill is performed by two players. First of all, players have to sit cross legged, so the distance between them has to be approximately 8-10 feet. Now, it is time for players to set the ball back and forth. This volleyball drill is particularly good for arm and wrist strength. The drill also improves the coordination and strength of a volleyball player so much. That’s why it is often recommended to young volleyball players who want to become successful setters.

Watching the Coach Drill

Prior to start doing this volleyball drill coach and setter have to be positioned on the opposite side of the playing court. The balls are tossed to a setter by other players. At the same time a coaches tells a setter where he/she has to aim a ball. So, the setter has to watch the coach carefully and react to his/her commands in a fast manner. It is necessary to say that doing this volleyball drill provides setters with many important advantages. For example, the drill is good for peripheral vision and helps the setters develop their defensive decision making skills.

Special attention should be drawn to the fact that these volleyball setting drills are recommended not only to setters. In fact, they can be included in the training program of other players as well. Focusing on these volleyball drills coaches will manage to diversify their training programs and make them more complex. Finally, all players of the volleyball team will demonstrate better results during the game!

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