Benefits of Yoga for Volleyball Players

  • September 17, 2018
Volleyball Players stretching

A lot of athletes choose to use yoga as a part of their training program. Some volleyball players also do yoga. What is great about yoga is that this type of physical activity helps athletes relax after volleyball games and practices. The reality is yoga stretches also make it possible for athletes to recover after injuries much faster. Doing yoga exercises is a great way to warm up and prevent different types of injuries during volleyball games and practices. Actually, the list of yoga benefits for volleyball athletes could go on and on.

As you can see, this blog post concentrates on the importance of yoga for volleyball players. Today, you’ll get an exciting opportunity to discover the most significant benefits of yoga for volleyball players. Plus, we’ll provide you with yoga poses and tips for volleyball players. Hopefully, this will help you get the most out of yoga classes.

Why It’s So Important for Volleyball Players to Do Yoga

It’s important to know that yoga provides volleyball players with a number of important advantages. Generally speaking, yoga positively affects volleyball player’s performance on the court. Yoga improves body flexibility and strengthens muscles. Also, yoga improves balance. However, the most important thing is that yoga allows volleyball players to fight stress effectively and prepare for matches mentally. Now, let’s dig deeper and try to reveal the most significant benefits of yoga for volleyball players.

– Yoga is a great way to warm up before volleyball matches and practices. It all begins with a warm up period. Volleyball players should always warm up properly prior to matches and practices. Proper warm up is a key to preventing the most common volleyball injuries. Yoga offers a lot of great stretches that can be done by volleyball athletes to warm up and reduce the risk of injuries.            

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– Yoga strengthens muscles and prevents injuries. Doing yoga exercises are something that has a huge positive impact on the muscles of back, calves, hands, shoulders, hamstrings, ankles and feet. It’s worth noting that each of these muscles is incredibly important for a volleyball player. If a volleyball player does yoga exercises on a regular basis, then he/she will be able to strengthen all of these muscles over the time. It’s fair to say that the performance of a volleyball player largely depends on his/her muscles. Obviously, yoga makes it possible for a volleyball player to improve his/her performance on the court. And of course, doing yoga helps volleyball players minimize the risk of injuries dramatically.

– Yoga increases body flexibility. It’s no surprise that a volleyball player has to do different types of movements (jumping, digging, setting, blocking, hitting and so on) during the game. A volleyball player must be able to explode and begin to move in any direction anytime. Yoga is the best way to increase body flexibility. That means that an athlete has to practise yoga consistently to become more flexible.

– Yoga helps volleyball players stay balanced on the court. Yoga improves balance as well as mobility which are incredibly important for a volleyball player. Staying balanced is particularly important for defensive volleyball players. That’s the reason why you should make yoga a part of balance training for volleyball.      

– Yoga lowers stress and anxiety. There has been a lot of talk about the importance of pre-match mental preparation in volleyball. It’s important to note that volleyball athletes must be prepared for games both physically and mentally. A volleyball player is unlikely to demonstrate great results on the court if he/she feels stressed all the time. It’s clear that a volleyball player has to be mentally strong to be able to demonstrate excellent results on the court. Doing yoga exercises is one of the best ways to improve your mental game on the volleyball court. The reality is yoga relieves stress as well as anxiety and improves the quality of sleep. All of this definitely has a huge positive impact on the athlete’s performance on the court.

– Yoga has a positive impact on volleyball player’s concentration. Clearly, the sport of volleyball requires a lot of concentration. A volleyball player should watch the ball as well as opposing team’s players during the game. Also, an athlete should watch his/her team’s players and know where they are located on the court. That’s why it’s so important for an athlete to stay focused during the match all the time. It’s important to point out that practicing yoga helps volleyball players improve concentration.                                    

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Some of the Best Yoga Poses for Volleyball Players

As it was mentioned above, yoga has many great benefits and yoga is vital to volleyball player’s success. Yoga offers thousands of different poses. However, it’s very important for volleyball players to do the right type of yoga exercises. With so many options you may find it hard to pick good yoga poses for volleyball sport. Below, we’ll provide you with some of the best yoga poses for volleyball players.

Dog Yoga Pose

Dog yoga pose is known for being one of easy to do yoga poses. One of great benefits of taking this yoga pose is that it targets all groups of muscles which are involved in the volleyball game. Practicing this yoga pose will certainly result in strengthening different groups of muscles including back muscles, muscles of hands, shoulder muscles, calves, hamstrings as well as muscles of ankles and feet. On top of that, dog yoga pose is a great pose for increasing body flexibility.

You’ll definitely find it easy to do dog yoga pose even if you haven’t practiced it before. First of all, you need to get on your hands and knees. It’s also important for you to get your feet hip-width apart and hands shoulder-width apart. Make sure that your fingers are pointing forward. Next, you have to straighten your legs. As a result, your body will form an upside-down V.

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Eagle Yoga Pose

Eagle yoga pose is another good pose for volleyball athletes. Volleyball athletes choose to do the pose for many reasons. If you do this pose regularly, then you’ll be able to minimize the risk of injuring your ankles and calves dramatically. This yoga pose is also good for shoulder muscles, muscles of upper back and leg muscles. Eagle yoga pose also needs to be done to improve balance as well as concentration for volleyball.

First of all, you need to take the initial position and prepare for the pose. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Then, you need to bring your left leg up. When doing this your right knee has to be slightly bent. Next, you should aim to hug your knee to your chest and raise your hands. Now, your task is to sit down as much as possible. Of course, you may find it hard to maintain the balance while taking eagle yoga pose. However, you shouldn’t fall into despair. Keep in mind that if you master this pose it will greatly contribute to your performance on the court. Practise this pose regularly and success will come to you over time.

Warrior Yoga Poses

Warrior yoga poses deliver multiple significant benefits to volleyball players. It’s worth noting that warrior yoga poses positively affect volleyball player’s speed. So, you should definitely practise this yoga pose on a regular basis if you would like to move faster on the court. Also, you will find it easy to make lateral movements during the games and practices. Warrior yoga poses are a great way to build core strength and improve balance for volleyball. Most importantly, warrior yoga poses help volleyball players strengthen and stabilize body’s muscles (abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles, upper back muscles as well as glutes and thighs).

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You need to know that many volleyball players choose to do warrior 3 yoga pose with a flying leg. Take a standing position first. Get your feet width shoulder part and keep your arms over your head. Next, you have to begin to bend your waist. Make sure that your back as well as arms are parallel to the floor. Then, you need to lift your left leg straight behind you. As a result, your weight will be balanced on the right leg (so called a flying leg). Stay in this position for a few seconds and repeat everything once again with the left leg.

Thank you so much for reading this article. Obviously, yoga offers a lot of great benefits to volleyball players of all skill levels. We’ve just highlighted the importance of yoga for volleyball and explained how athletes can benefit from incorporating yoga exercises into their training program. Do yoga on a regular basis and improve your volleyball performance dramatically! Best of luck!

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