How to Perform Volley Passing in Volleyball – Lesson 3

  • May 12, 2020

In this video Pakmen coach Jessy Satti talks about the important aspects of the volley pass. The athlete should be in a good ready position, and once they identify the ball is high enough to volley they get their feet underneath the ball and shoot their hands above their head, creating a diamond shape with the hands.

Coach Satti stresses that when the ball makes contact with the hands it should make contact with all the finger pads and not the palm. Once contact is made, the athlete will fully extend their body and then flatten the hands to release, maintaining the diamond shape at all times.

Coach Satti talks about some common mistakes in regards to the volley; Overextension is a very common mistake, where athletes will push the ball out and extend their wrists out too much which can cause spin on the volley that leads to a double contact violation.

It is important to maintain nice strong form after the volley so that it can release cleanly out of the hands.