Pakmen Returning to Brampton at a New Location

The Pakmen Volleyball Club is thrilled to announce its return to a brand new location in Brampton for the upcoming Spring 2023 season. The season will officially commence on Sunday, March 26 at St. Roch Secondary School. The club is eagerly looking forward to providing its players with a top-notch volleyball experience and a chance to develop ... More

Pakmen Has Added 2 New Locations in Mississauga!

Pakmen Volleyball Club is excited to announce the addition of two new locations in Mississauga for the winter season starting on the weekend of January 14/15. The club will be running programs at St. Joseph Secondary School and St. Francis Xavier Secondary School. Players of all skill levels are welcome to participate in the programs offered by ... More

Pakmen View the World as Their Playground

By DAVID WINER Special The Pakmen Volleyball Club's reputation has grown exponentially since a group of classmates from Mississauga's David Leeder Middle School persuaded their coach to lengthen their season by joining the Ontario Volleyball Association. After turning that first season into an U-14 OVA Provincial title, there was no ... More

Pakmen a Pace Setter in High Performance Training

By DAVID WINER Special If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best. Members of the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) will have the opportunity to significantly advance their skill sets when Mississauga's Pakmen Volleyball Club hosts Canada's first-ever High Performers Program (Volleyball) in the fall. Accomplished ... More

Team at Art of Mobility Have the Right Touch

By DAVID WINER   According to an old idiom, one should never judge a man until you have walked in his shoes. In other words, until you've experienced another person's pain, it's best not to make any snap judgments. Thusheinth Sivarajah and his team at Misissauga's Art of Mobility can truly empathize with Pakmen Volleyball Club ... More

What to Eat Before a Volleyball Tournament?

The nutrition has an impact on the athlete’s health and performance. That’s why the pre-game meal is incredibly important for volleyball players. The so called pre-competition meal has to contain the healthy nutrients and provide volleyball players with the calories. Foods also have to contain the liquids that volleyball players need to ... More

Pakmen Announces a New Affiliation With the Isophit Strength Training Systems.

We are pleased to announce that Isologex Corp, the parent company of the Isophit brand, has partnered with Canada’s largest and most diverse volleyball organization Pakmen Volleyball Club. Through the partnership, the Pakmen Volleyball community consisting of athletes, family members, and alumni will gain access to Isophit's proprietary injury ... More

Why It’s So Important for Volleyball Players to Drink Water during Practices

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of the proper hydration for athletes. It goes without saying that drinking enough water is incredibly important for volleyball players. No matter what sports they do, athletes have to hydrate themselves properly. It’s worth noting that drinking sufficient amount of water has a profound ... More

Volleyball Training You Can Do without Net and Court

By Pakmen Research Staff Sometimes volleyball players can’t access the court. However, they should continue mastering volleyball skills anyway. In this case, volleyball athletes should never stop practices. They have to do volleyball training either at home or outdoors. When doing volleyball practices at home, you will be able to ... More

7 Dynamic Volleyball Warm-ups (No Equipment Necessary)

By Isha Roy Chowdhury Pakmen Research Team You may find yourself playing in a tournament in volleyball. If you have practiced for a long time and are on a team, the day will probably come eventually. That said, you will need a warm up routine so you can be in best shape while playing in the tournament. Since you're going to play all day, make ... More