Milton Volleyball on the Rise with Pakmen Volleyball Club

  • July 19, 2016

Pakmen Volleyball Club is a volunteer driven volleyball club funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The mission of the club is to provide young athletes with high quality volleyball training programs and promote the sport of volleyball in Milton as well as other areas of Ontario.

Pakmen Volleyball Club is also well-known due to being one of the largest youth volleyball clubs in Canada and one of the most successful volleyball clubs in the world. The nationally acclaimed club has brought together many youth volleyball players of different ages and skill levels as well as highly professional coaches.

Pakmen Volleyball Club Has a Huge Positive Impact on the Development of Volleyball in Milton

Pakmen Volleyball Club is a very diverse volleyball club that offers a vast variety of training programs. There are also programs for volleyball players with special needs. So, everyone who has the passion for the volleyball sport can take advantage of the club’s volleyball training programs and enjoy the game of volleyball.

It’s important to know that the club Pakmen Volleyball Club actively develops and expands year after year. Today, the volleyball club operates out of Milton, Ontario at E.C Drury School for the Deaf and Craig Kielburger Secondary School.

It’s worth noting that Pakmen Volleyball Club has branches in Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville and other areas. Read on to get the more detailed information about the volleyball club and its training programs.

Rukavina (Former Club’s Player) is about to Make a Huge Contribution to the Development of Pakmen Volleyball Club 

Pakmen Volleyball Club has a rich and very interesting history as well as many sport achievements. A famous professional volleyball player, Rukavina, is the part of the club’s history. The volleyball player has recently finished his sport career and now he wants to join the amazing team of the club’s coaches.

It’s important to note that Rukavina started his sport career at Pakmen Volleyball Club at the relatively late age of 17. Nevertheless, he has managed to demonstrate excellent results and earned a lot of achievements in the sport of volleyball. Now, the legendary player wants to share his experience with young athletes of Pakmen Volleyball Club.

Rukavina says that the aim of Pakmen Volleyball Club is to become the best youth volleyball club in the world. Obviously, the professional player is ready to do everything that he can to help the club accomplish this goal. It goes without saying that Rukavina will be able to contribute greatly to the development of his favorite volleyball club.

Volleyball Training Programs Provided by Pakmen Volleyball Club

As it has been mentioned above, Pakmen Volleyball Club offers a vast variety of volleyball training programs. These include Spikes, Development League, Volleyball Camp and many other programs. Each of these volleyball programs has its own goals and offers the certain benefits to its participants.

“Spikes” Volleyball Program for Kids

Oftentimes, it’s difficult for boys and girls to find the great sport activities. On the other hand, parents want their kids to get regular physical activity, improve their health and learn something new. If that is the case, “Spikes” volleyball program is worth trying! Many parents say that their kids have fallen in love with the sport of volleyball once they tried “Spikes” program.

“Spikes” volleyball program is designed for children who are 6 – 13 years old. Participants of all skill levels are welcome to join the program. The training program provides an easy and fun way of mastering volleyball skills. In addition, “Spikes” volleyball program allows its participants to get important communication skills which play a big role in achieving life success. Moreover, the program will teach young players how to respect each other.

You need to know that the lessons of Spikes” volleyball program are provided by highly professional coaches. They are dedicated to teaching volleyball and have huge training experience. So, the coaches will help children take their volleyball skills to the next level.

It’s no surprise that an athlete has to master passing, serving, hitting as well as spiking skills to achieve excellent results in the sport of volleyball. “Spikes” volleyball training program provides young volleyball players with non-competitive environment and supportive environment that’s ideal for mastering all the necessary volleyball skills. Another important benefit of the program is that kids always get a lot of fun while learning volleyball skills.

“Spikes” volleyball program lasts about 8 – 10 weeks. Finally, each participant of the program receives a Spikes t-shirt.

Development League

Development League is another great training program provided by Pakmen Volleyball Club. This training program is designed for youth who have already learned basic volleyball skills. Development League is all about helping participants improve their defensive, hitting, passing as well as serving volleyball skills.

Of course, it’s crucial for volleyball players to known how to warm up before games and practices properly. Keep in mind that every volleyball session of the program starts with the warm up period. Afterwards, athletes begin to master volleyball drills.

Each volleyball session lasts about 1.5 hours (30 minutes are spent on instructing players as well as mastering various volleyball drills and 60 minutes are spent on playing the game). The program also involves participating in various volleyball competitions.

Development League is the volleyball program that lasts 10 weeks. As a result, each participant of the program receives an official Pakmen Jersey T-shirt.

Summer Volleyball Camp

Parents can send their kids to Summer Volleyball Camp. This volleyball training program is designed for children who are 7 – 14 years old. Boys and girls of all skill levels can participate in this program.

It’s important to point out that Summer Volleyball Camp provides its participants with numerous competitive advantages. The program allows kids to take their volleyball skills to the next level, improve their fitness and, of course, get a lot of fun. Highly professional coaches who work at Summer Volleyball Camp will help the participants of the program master the necessary volleyball skills successfully.


Pakmen Volleyball’s Advantage Camp

Pakmen Volleyball’s Advantage Camp is designed for professional volleyball players with the advanced skill levels. This program is a good choice for young players who are preparing for school team and rep tryouts. Pakmen Volleyball’s Advantage Camp will provide them with experience necessary to achieve successful results in the sport of volleyball. What is great about this program is that its lessons are provided by top notch coaches who have huge experience in training professional volleyball players. Keep in mind that all of program’s coaches are NCCP certified. Moreover, they have spent years on preparing athletes of Pakmen Rep teams.

March Break Camp

March Break Camp is also a good indoor volleyball program for children. The program lasts 5 days from Monday to Friday. March Break Camp is designed for young players of all skill levels. Even those boys and girls, who don’t have previous experience in playing volleyball, can register for the program. Among the goals of the program are: promoting the sport of volleyball, helping children excel in sport as well as promoting fitness. March Break Camp is the program that provides its participants with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the game of volleyball. So, the program will allow kids to improve their volleyball skills dramatically and, most importantly, get a lot of positive emotions.

Without a doubt, Pakmen Volleyball Club plays a big role in promoting the sport of volleyball in Milton. The statistics shows that number of young people who take a deep interest in the sport of volleyball and living a healthy lifestyle in the Milton area is constantly growing. That means that Milton volleyball on rise!

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