Pakmen Interviews Abdul Rehman

  • January 16, 2018

By Kaitlyn Kwan and Hemanta Kandel
Research Staff
Pakmen Volleyball Club

January 11 2018
This week we interviewed a grade 8 student Abdul Rehman at David Leeder Middle School who plays with Pakmen.

Q: When did you start playing volleyball?

A: I started playing volleyball when I was in grade 5. I played for my school team “The Valleys”, before I moved to David Leeder and joined Pakmen.

Q: Does Pakmen make volleyball fun?

A: Yes, Pakmen makes volleyball fun. Volleyball is my favorite sport and I find it very interesting. It’s interesting because I enjoy playing the sport, and it’s a team sport so we can make friends. It’s also a technical sport. Pakmen is fun because we gain the opportunity to win medals. It challenges our abilities, while improving our skills as we continue to play and persevere.

Q: Do you play volleyball outside of school?

A: I play at Pakmen because the club is near me, and I love volleyball. In the summer, I play volleyball outside my house when I have free time.

Q: How has Pakmen improved your volleyball skills?

A: Pakmen has improved my skills a lot especially with serving, digging, and spiking. The coaches are exceptional, and tell me all the mistakes I make. Their tips help us improve our skills.

Q: What happens during practice?

A: When we have practices we start with skills like bumping and volleying for an hour, and then continue on for 30 mins with games. We practice our bumps, volleys, over hand serves, and spikes. There are 6-12 players on a team, and only six on the court at a time. We rotate to allow the other players an opportunity to play.

Q: Do you get any rewards by playing at Pakmen?

A: At Pakmen you get a winit certificate with 12 spaces. When you fill the certificate up with winits, you move on to the next certificate. You receive a winit by attending a practice. After completing each certificate, you get a bronze medal, then a silver medal, and finally a gold medal.

Q: How has your overall experience with Pakmen been?

A: My experience in Pakmen has been great. I made many new friends and learned new skills. The teamwork skills I developed continue to help me in my daily life, even outside volleyball and Pakmen.

Q: What are the leagues in Pakmen?

A: The leagues are “Rep”, “Development”, “Champion”, “Pakmen +”, “spikes* (grades 1-7) , and for kids under 7.

Q: What league do you play for?

A: I play for the champions league. Our practices starts at 9 am and end at 11 am.

Q: How many kids play in Pakmen?

A: Hundreds of kids play at Pakmen, especially since there are different leagues for different age groups.

Q: Where does Pakmen operate?

A: Pakmen operates in Brampton, Milton, Malton, Mississauga, Toronto, etc. They also have practices in schools like D.L.M.S. ( David Leeder Middle School)

Q: Why did you choose Pakmen over other volleyball clubs?

A: I chose Pakmen because there are many different branches, and most are near me so I don’t have to travel far to get there. Pakmen has a good reputation and lots of high skill coaches that will make you better at volleyball.

Q: Are you going to keep playing volleyball in high school?

A: I am not planning to pursue volleyball as a career. However, I will still continue to play throughout high school as a hobby.

Q: Would you recommend Pakmen to other people?

A: I would strongly recommend people to join Pakmen because it’s a fun and helpful facility. It also allows people to communicate and learn social skills since volleyball is a team sport

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