Pakmen Winter Storm Policy

  • January 26, 2020

Pakmen Volleyball will always run our weekend programs, regardless of the weather, unless the facility is closed by the school board.

If a school board decides to close their schools due to weather, we will post this cancellation at the top of our website, within 15 minutes of receiving the cancellation notice.

We ask parents not to phone or email us inquiring whether or not they think the board will cancel the permit. We have no way of knowing what the board will decide until they actually decide. If they do decide to cancel, we will post on our website, right away. We will also email everyone and post on social media.

Please note that if your child’s program is at Canlan Sportsplex, Mississauga, it is unlikely the permit will be cancelled as they have never cancelled a permit before.

In summary, if in doubt about whether or not a program is still running due to weather, please go to our website. If any permits are cancelled, it will be posted prominently at the top of the website.