The Bedrock of Volleyball

By Shayaan Aziz and Kaushik Chatterjee Research Staff Pakmen Volleyball Club Volleyball is a sport beloved by millions. Played globally, it is the 5th most popular sport in 2017. It is one of the most competitive games one can play, and requires tenacity, audacity, and unity. In order to achieve success in volleyball, one must master the ... More

I Want You to Make Mistakes

By Alexander Ketrzynski Coach John Kessel, in his “I Want You to Make Mistakes,“ posted on his “Grow the Game Together” blog, makes important suggestions on how coaches and athletes should view the game. Although Kessel’s ideas may seem counterintuitive to many of us, they actually reflect his extensive experience as a coach and coach ... More

SiX AXLES Turn the wheel- The Positions in Volleyball

By Shayaan Aziz and Kaushik Chatterjee Research Staff Pakmen Volleyball Club Volleyball is more than just a game consisting of skills; it requires positioning, awareness, and communication. Every player is a core component of the team. They each have their own role, which bears its own importance. And when every position is played correctly, ... More

Declining Youth Athletic Skills

By Alexander Ketrzynski In the article “Senators strength coach alarmed over declining youth athletic skills,” Wayne Scanlan of the Ottawa Citizen interviews Chris Schwarz, the strength and conditioning coach of the Ottawa Senators. According to Scanlan, Schwarz helps “world-class athletes” stay “finely tuned.” Schwarz laments the ... More

Long-time University of Toronto head coach and current Pakmen Volleyball club Head Coach Orest Stanko

5 Key Communication Tips for Coaches

January 29, 2018 By Alexander Ketrzynski In volleyball, communication is arguably as important a skill as any of the physical aspects of the sport. For coaches, difficulty in communicating with players may severely undermine all other coaching skills and experience. The article, “5 Key Communication Tips for Coaches,” developed by the ... More

3 Reasons Why Volleyball Players Need Strength and Conditioning

January 29, 2018 By Alexander Ketrzynski The article, “3 Reasons Why Volleyball Players Need Strength and Conditioning,” is written by BridgeAthletic and appears on the website, Junior Volleyball Association. It provides three broad reasons for strength training and conditioning, along with a link that includes more detailed descriptions ... More

Volleyball Dig

Volleyball dig is a key element of defence in the sport of volleyball. If done right, volleyball dig can also become the beginning of a successful volleyball attack. When digging the ball correctly you make it easy for a volleyball attacker to carry out a successful hit. So, the job of a volleyball digger is to resist the opposing team’s ... More

Volleyball Organizations

By: Mohamed Gasm Elsied and Abrar Mughal Pakmen Volleyball Club Research Staff European Volleyball Confederation The European Volleyball Confederation is a volleyball league whose headquarters are located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. It is made up of three teams and two of the three teams are from Istanbul, Turkey. It was found on ... More

Pakmen Interviews Abdul Rehman

By Kaitlyn Kwan and Hemanta Kandel Research Staff Pakmen Volleyball Club January 11 2018 This week we interviewed a grade 8 student Abdul Rehman at David Leeder Middle School who plays with Pakmen. Q: When did you start playing volleyball? A: I started playing volleyball when I was in grade 5. I played for my school team “The ... More

Reality of Volleyball Scholarships: Myth of the full ride

By Prateek Yadav u18 Girls Head Coach Pakmen Volleyball Club Just read a great article in The Buffalo News by Dan Zakroczenski entitled, The Myth of the full ride: Why College Scholarship dollars are hard to come by. Getting a scholarship, either academic or athletic is the goal for many young people. As a student athlete in your senior ... More