The Importance of Passing in Volleyball

by Pakmen Volleyball Research Staff Passing is a key element of a volleyball attack. A volleyball player makes a pass to a setter during a game. After that, a setter does his/her job and an attacker caries out an attack hit. The success of passing in volleyball depends a lot on passing. That’s why it’s so important for volleyball players ... More

Is Volleyball a Fast Growing Sport?

Volleyball is one of the world’s most popular sports. Volleyball is also known as one of the most played sports in the world. There has been a lot of talk about the rise of volleyball. Volleyball is a sport with a rich history. It’s important to know that the history of volleyball game dates back to 1895. The game of volleyball was invented ... More

What Makes Volleyball a Unique Game?

Volleyball is a ball game like no other. It’s important to know that there are many other ball games which are similar to the game of volleyball. The game of volleyball has many things in common with such games as soccer, basketball, rugby and tennis. On the other hand, there are many key differences between volleyball and other ball games.... More

Mental Health Benefits of Volleyball

People choose to play volleyball for different reasons. It’s important to point out that a lot of young athletes play volleyball professionally. They train regularly, work hard on the court and participate in various volleyball competitions. There are also people, who play volleyball because they want to have fun and improve their health. T... More

Now Offering Week Night Programs

Pakmen will be offering weeknight programs for all skill levels beginning in January from 5 to 6 pm at the Pakmen Courts, 1775 Sismet Road, in Mississauga. Programs offered include Spikes - Learn to Play for kids in grades 1 to 6, Technique Tutoring, semi-private lessons for youth in grades 6 to 12, and Gettn Better for youth in grades 7 to 12 ... More

What’s New for January!

Pakmen has made several changes in anticipation of the upcoming Winter 2022 season starting in January. We are very excited to announce the following: We are very proud to announce that we have added a new location in Mississauga! Our very own Pakmen Courts! Located by Dixie Rd & Matheson Rd We have added Grade 3/4 Development League ... More

Volleyball Players stretching

Resistance Training in Volleyball

Volleyball is a very dynamic game. That’s why volleyball players have to be fast on feet. Each of volleyball players has his/her own responsibilities during a game. Initially, the volleyball athletes have to take the correct positions and get ready for a game. Volleyball players have to make quick movements on the court when such a need ... More

Volleyball Tips for Preventing Knee Injuries

Volleyball sport itself is very competitive. The sport is particularly popular among young athletes. The game of volleyball has brought together a lot of middle school students as well as high school students all over the world. The sport of volleyball is constantly gaining in popularity in Canada and many other countries all over the world. ... More

How to be a Good Setter in Volleyball?

A setter is a very important player of a volleyball team. A setter works closely with a hitter and helps a volleyball team organize attacks. The job of a setter is to help a hitter carry out a successful attack hit. A good setter can contribute greatly to the success of a volleyball team. In fact, being a good setter is not easy. Whether you ... More

What Should a Volleyball Player Eat for Breakfast?

The success of volleyball players depends a lot on their training program and nutrition. There is no doubt that volleyball player’s diet has to include healthy foods. It’s incredibly important for a volleyball player to stick to a diet. A healthy breakfast allows volleyball players to start a day successfully. Keep in mind that athletes ... More