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Tips for Parents to Help a Child Succeed in Volleyball

Has your child recently gotten into the sport of volleyball? If so, you need to know your child’s success in the volleyball sport depends on many things. Let’s dig deeper into this topic and try to figure out how you can help your child achieve success in volleyball. First and foremost, it’s crucial for you to make sure that your child ... More

Pakmen practice

How to Improve Passing Skills in Volleyball

Having strong passing skills is crucial for the game of volleyball. It’s fair to say that the success of a volleyball team depends a lot on passing. It’s worth noting that a good pass leads to successful receiving and serving the ball during the game. Obviously, great passing is a key to completing a successful attack hit in the sport of ... More

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Let the National Champions Teach Your Kid Volleyball in Milton, Ontario

Pakmen Volleyball is a nationally acclaimed youth volleyball club offering programs for boys and girls in Milton, Ontario. Pakmen is the largest club in Canada and the 2016 overall National Champions in both indoor and beach volleyball. Pakmen offers a variety of volleyball lesson, leagues and training programs for boys and girls 6 years to 18 ... More

Canada Volleyball

Volleyball is considered to be one of the most popular sports in Canada. Along with other popular sports such as ice-hockey, basketball, soccer, rugby, baseball, cricket, tennis and golf the sport of volleyball is known as one of the most played sports in the country. Volleyball is one of the emerging sports in Canada as well. It’s no ... More

History of Volleyball in Canada

Volleyball is considered to be one of the most popular sports in Canada. As you can see, a great number of people choose to play the game of volleyball in Canada these days. It’s worth noting that volleyball sport is popular both among women and men. Moreover, volleyball is the favorite sport of so many young people. The number of Canadian ... More

Volleyball in Brampton is On the Rise

We are happy to announce that volleyball in Brampton is one rise these days. The statistics shows that up to 400 of Pakmen volleyball club’s players live in the Brampton area of Ontario. It’s worth noting that this number is constantly growing. The club has a lot of volleyball players from such areas as Aurora, Barrie, London, Niagara Falls, ... More

The Importance of Active Stretching During Warm Up

Needless to say that warm up activities plays a key role in volleyball as well as many other sports. The warm up period provides a volleyball player with the perfect opportunity to prepare his/her body either for the match or training classes properly. Obviously, every volleyball player should warm up well prior to practice and game. It’s no ... More

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Volleyball Drills for Libero

Liberos are very important players in the volleyball team. Like setters, defensive specialists and other players a libero has a lot of responsibilities during the game of volleyball. Obviously, liberos must be very fast on the volleyball court. Moreover, liberos must have good reaction and make decisions very quickly. It is worth saying that ... More

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Volleyball Drills for the Setter

A setter plays a big role in the game of volleyball. This player holds one of the most important and hardest team’s positions. The help of a setter is immeasurable during the game of volleyball. A setter is known as a volleyball player who has multiple responsibilities during the game. Setter’s responsibilities include the following: ... More

Getting it done in Chicago!

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