Volleyball Players stretching

Resistance Training in Volleyball

Volleyball is a very dynamic game. That’s why volleyball players have to be fast on feet. Each of volleyball players has his/her own responsibilities during a game. Initially, the volleyball athletes have to take the correct positions and get ready for a game. Volleyball players have to make quick movements on the court when such a need ... More

Volleyball Tips for Preventing Knee Injuries

Volleyball sport itself is very competitive. The sport is particularly popular among young athletes. The game of volleyball has brought together a lot of middle school students as well as high school students all over the world. The sport of volleyball is constantly gaining in popularity in Canada and many other countries all over the world. ... More

How to be a Good Setter in Volleyball?

A setter is a very important player of a volleyball team. A setter works closely with a hitter and helps a volleyball team organize attacks. The job of a setter is to help a hitter carry out a successful attack hit. A good setter can contribute greatly to the success of a volleyball team. In fact, being a good setter is not easy. Whether you ... More

What Should a Volleyball Player Eat for Breakfast?

The success of volleyball players depends a lot on their training program and nutrition. There is no doubt that volleyball player’s diet has to include healthy foods. It’s incredibly important for a volleyball player to stick to a diet. A healthy breakfast allows volleyball players to start a day successfully. Keep in mind that athletes ... More

Volleyball Pre-Game Preparation Tips

by Pakmen Research Staff Game preparation is something that always needs to be taken very seriously. In order to demonstrate the excellent results on the court volleyball players have to be well-prepared for a game. Bear in mind that you must be prepared for the game both physically and mentally. The performance of volleyball players depends ... More

Best Women’s Indoor and Beach Volleyball Players of All Time

Women’s indoor and beach volleyball competitions are very interesting to watch. The game of volleyball brings together so many women all over the world. Women play both beach and indoor volleyball. Today, we’ll talk about the best female players in the history of volleyball. We’ll tell you about their talents and describe their sport careers ... More

Best Men’s Indoor and Beach Volleyball Players of All Time

The history of volleyball knows many great mens indoor and beach volleyball players. Some mens athletes have achieved success in the indoor volleyball sport. Some athletes succeeded in the beach volleyball. There are also players who demonstrated excellent results in both men’s indoor and beach volleyball game. Who are the best men’s indoor ... More

The Tallest Women’s Volleyball Players

by Pakmen Research Staff Volleyball is an incredibly popular sport both among men and women. A lot of men and women choose to play the game of volleyball all over the world. The sport is constantly gaining popularity. The volleyball sport is on the rise and the number of volleyball player is constantly growing. There has been a lot of talk ... More

The Tallest Men’s Volleyball Players

by Pakmen Research Staff The height plays a very important role in the sport of volleyball and affects player’s performance and there is no question about this. Tall volleyball players tend to perform more efficiently on blocking and hitting positions. There has been a lot of talk about the importance of having a high vertical jump in the ... More

Different Types of Sets in Volleyball

By Pakmen Research Staff First and foremost, beginners have to master the basics of volleyball sport. Setting is one of the basic skills that volleyball players have to develop. Setting means the beginning of an attack in volleyball. Initially, a setter sets the ball. After that, a hitter carries out an attack hit. Clearly, a setter works ... More