What makes Pakmen Plus an ideal choice?

  • August 27, 2015

Written By: Pranjan Gandhi

Are you a guy who is tired of a game of volleyball which consists of a serve and then a point? Are you ready to play real volleyball? If you answered yes to both questions then the Pakmen Plus program might be for you. This is a high performance volleyball training program for boys in grade 7 to 12 who have advanced volleyball skill. There are 10 sessions which are held at West Credit Secondary School. Each session is 2 hours long. In the first half of the session you will practise the basic skills and in the second half you will be performing advanced drills and playing games of volleyball.
What makes Pakmen Plus an ideal choice?
This is a question asked by many parents. There are lots of other advanced volleyball programs, so why Pakmen Plus? Well, Pakmen Plus will be coached by our rep coaches and it will be overseen by former Canadian National team player, Chris Simek. Throughout the 10 weeks of volleyball training, players will be taught the fundamentals and the advanced skills. Each session will focus on different aspects of the game of volleyball, like offence, defence, blocking, etc.
In conclusion, if you are looking to improve your skills, be challenged with advanced drills and intensive scrimmage play, then, this volleyball program is for you.

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