Resistance Training in Volleyball

  • March 1, 2021
Volleyball Players stretching

Volleyball is a very dynamic game. That’s why volleyball players have to be fast on feet.

Each of volleyball players has his/her own responsibilities during a game. Initially, the volleyball athletes have to take the correct positions and get ready for a game.

Volleyball players have to make quick movements on the court when such a need arises. They should be able to move in any direction on the court quickly and reach the ball within a short period of time.

Many volleyball players choose to include resistance training exercises in their training programs and they do this for a good reason.

Today, we’ll talk why resistance training is so important for the sport of volleyball. Plus, we’ll provide some of the best resistance training exercises that volleyball players need to do to maximize their power and achieve the best possible results.

The Importance of Resistance Training for Volleyball

The game of volleyball requires atletism. Volleyball players need power as well as strength to move quickly, jump high and hit the ball forcefully.

Volleyball is a game that involves a lot of high impact and high repetition movements. The reality is, such movements require the so called functional strength.

That means that volleyball athletes should focus on training that allows them to build their functional strength and maximize the power. Resistance training helps volleyball players accomplish their goals.

You’ll be able to build this type of strength over time if you do resistance training on a regular basis.

Resistance training is some kind of strength and conditioning program for volleyball players. It’s the kind of training that makes it possible for athletes to strengthen the lower body, upper body and core.

Resistance training has many great benefits for volleyball players. A resistance training program for volleyball contains balance exercises, core stability exercises, landing drills and more.

Such a training program provides volleyball players with everything they need to demonstrate excellent performance on the court.

Resistance training makes it possible for volleyball players to strengthen their muscles. And of course, this contributes greatly to volleyball player’s performance.

A resistance training program contains the exercises that allow volleyball players to improve stability. This type of training helps the athletes develop a proper landing technique and prevent the lack of stability in ankles, knees and hips.

If you do resistance training regularly, you’ll be able to strengthen your legs and get the power to be able to start moving explosively and reach any part of the court quickly. But most importantly, doing resistance training exercises allows the athletes to prevent different types of volleyball injuries.

Resistance training is a great way to control weight. This type of training allows volleyball players to improve their performance on the court dramatically and achieve better results.

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of having a high vertical jump for volleyball players. Volleyball players need power to jump high.

Resistance training has a positive impact on volleyball player’s vertical jump. If you do resistance training consistently, you’ll be able to increase the power of your jump. As a result, you’ll jump much higher.

Using Resistance Tools in Volleyball Training

Some volleyball players don’t have an opportunity to visit a gym and do weight training. However, there are many ways to develop strength and power for volleyball without a gym.

Resistance tools are a good alternative to a weight room. There are different types of resistance tools. These include:

  • cushioned boxes
  • dumbbells
  • resistance bands
  • TRX straps
  • medicine balls
  • stability balls

These tools make it possible for volleyball players to build strength as well as power outside of the gym. Now, let’s try to get familiar with some of the best exercises that volleyball players can do with resistance tools.

The External Rotation with Resistance Bands

Doing this type of resistance training exercise allows volleyball players to strengthen large muscle groups in the lower body and upper body. The exercise requires a resistance band.

Initially, you have to fasten a band to a tree or a wall. By doing so, you’ll be able to create the effect of resistance and an obstacle for your muscles.

If you do resistance training for volleyball, then it would be better to use thicker bands.

Volleyball players should do this type of resistance exercise to prevent different types of shoulder injuries. Doing the exercise has a positive impact on shoulder stability.

The exercise itself is easy-to-do. All that you need to do is to stretch a resistance band with a hand.

The Band Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press

It’s another great exercise that you can do with a resistance band. The exercise doesn’t require too much space. So, you can do it almost anywhere.

However, this exercise is more challenging comparing to the external rotation with band.

It’s a full-body exercise. So, you should use your bodyweight to perform the exercise successfully.

The TRX 3-Way Row

The TRX 3-Way Row is a kind of resistance training exercise that works well for volleyball players. The exercise requires TRX strap.

Doing this exercise helps a volleyball player strengthen his/her hands. It’s also important to note that doing the exercise has a huge positive impact on volleyball player’s strength and stability.

The exercise is very easy to do. When doing this exercise, you have to make the same movement all the time.

Decline Pushups with a Stability Ball

As you probably know, the decline pushup is a standard strength exercise. It’s widely used by the athletes in different sports. The sport of volleyball is no exception.

Actually, decline pushups can easily turn into a resistance training exercise for volleyball. All that you need to do to make it happen is to do the exercise with a stability ball.

It’s worth noting that decline pushups with a stability ball are a more challenging exercise than standard decline pushups. On the other hand, doing such an exercise has a more powerful effect on athlete’s strength and power.

Decline Pushups with Cushioned Stable Boxes

In fact, there are many ways to perform the decline pushups exercise. You can also do the decline pushups with cushioned stable boxes.

It would be better to start doing the exercise with a lower box. Once you begin to make a progress, you should make the task more challenging.

Later, you can pick the higher box for the exercise. Let’s say that you started doing the exercise with the basic box jumps. Now, try to do the decline pushups with the seated box jumps.

Chest Pass with a Medicine Ball

There are many resistance training exercises that volleyball players can do with a medicine ball. The chest pass with a medicine ball is one of these exercises.

What is great about this volleyball training exercise is that it allows a volleyball athlete to improve his/her passing skill. When doing this exercise, you should aim to pass the ball forcefully and precisely.

There are two ways to do the chest pass with a medicine ball: you can do the exercise with a partner or you can pass a medicine ball against the wall. No matter how a volleyball player chooses to do the exercise, the chest pass with a medicine ball will have a huge positive impact on his/her performance.

Doing this resistance training exercise will have a profound positive impact on arm strength, dynamic chest strength as well as core strength and core stability. It’s an exercise that positively affects the explosiveness of a volleyball player as well.

Medicine Ball Throw Down

It’s another good resistance training exercise that you can do with a medicine ball. The exercise is very simple.

All that you have to do is to throw a medicine ball down forcefully. After a medicine ball bounces off the floor, you should catch it and repeat everything once again.

Squat with Dumbbells

Dumbbells also fall under the category of the tools that can be used for volleyball resistance training. It’s a great idea to do such an exercise as squat with dumbbells.

Dumbbell squat will allow you to build strength that’s needed for volleyball. It’s also important to note that doing the exercise will have a positive impact on the flexibility of your body.

Other Resistance Training Exercises for Volleyball

There are many good exercises with the resistance tools. So, this list of the resistance training exercises could go on and on.

Now, we would like to tell you about some other exercises that volleyball players can add to a resistance training program.

Among the other resistance training exercises for volleyball are:

  • altitude drop
  • box jumps
  • hang clean
  • military press
  • standard decline pushups
  • side V Ups

You should get creative about your resistance training. Do different exercises to make your training program more diverse.


Thank you so much for reading this article. Doing resistance training allows volleyball players to build strength and power. This type of training also has many other important benefits for volleyball players. Volleyball players should do the resistance training to improve their performance on the court and be able to contribute greatly to the success of a team. Work hard to become a better volleyball player! Good luck!