Strength and Conditioning Training

  • October 25, 2017

Pakmen Strength and Conditioning Training is off to a great start. Most Pakmen teams have been training at The Athlete Matrix for two weeks now. This is the first time the club has partnered with a strength and conditioning team and the results are already showing.

In the first week the athletes got tested. They were put through a series of movements to identify restrictions, asymmetries, and weaknesses. This gives the coaches information on ways to help keep the athletes injury free. They also got their strength, speed, and verticals tested.

In the second week the Pakmen teams had their first real workout.

The Athlete Matrix focuses on increasing the athletes mobility (if necessary), stability, strength, and conditioning. This will greatly help with reducing injuries and also improving performance on the court.

Here is a list of programs being offered for athletes between 12 to 18 years old:

Team Training
Volleyball Strength and Conditioning Classes
Private Training
Small Group Training

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