Volleyball Canada’s Regional Excellence Program (REP) in Mississauga.

  • October 6, 2019

Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program LogoVolleyball Canada is pleased to announce the Regional Excellence Program (REP) in Mississauga. This program will be run in partnership with the Pakmen Volleyball Club, one of only two Volleyball Canada accredited clubs.

The REP is a high performance volleyball training program designed specifically to prepare athletes who are committed to the sport of volleyball and preparing to pursue their volleyball career. Being a part of this program will give you the opportunity to train and excel in the sport of volleyball, with a focus on developing your skills and prepare you for the university, college, and national team levels. Assisting with this process of development will be our coaching staff of seasoned, NCPP volleyball certified coaches.

REP will target the Train to Train (Stream 1 – U12-U14) and Learn to Compete (Stream 2 & 3 – U15-U18) stages of athlete development.

Train to Train (Stream 1) – Develops physical capacities and volleyball skills. Coaches will focus on developing technical skills with each athlete, and teaching proper motor patterns to enhance the performance of each skill.

Learn to Compete (Stream 2 & 3) – Consolidates volleyball skills and develops fitness. The coaches will be putting athletes through high intensity drills that are relative to competition, preparing athletes for Provincial and National tournaments.

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