I Want You to Make Mistakes

By Alexander Ketrzynski Coach John Kessel, in his “I Want You to Make Mistakes,“ posted on his “Grow the Game Together” blog, makes important suggestions on how coaches and athletes should view the game. Although Kessel’s ideas may seem counterintuitive to many of us, they actually reflect his extensive experience as a coach and coach ... More

Volleyball Tips

During the game of volleyball each of players his/her own responsibilities and duties on the court. It all begins with a serve in volleyball. Actually, a serve means the beginning of the game as well as the beginning of the set in volleyball. A server serves a volleyball and a rally begins. A setter has to set a ball and help his/her team’s ... More

Volleyball Court Dimensions

By Zeeshan Wasey and Abrar Mughal An Indoor Volleyball Court Measures: The playing area on a volleyball court measures 18m x 9m (5” x 29’6) The center line divides the court into two teams courts measuring 9m x 9m (29’6” x 29’6”) The lines on the court measure 5 cm (2”) wide The attack line is 3 meters away from the net A ... More

Kang Interviews a Pakmen Parent

Jaiveer Kang interviews a Pakmen parent during a GTA Premier League session. Read about PAKMEN's High Performance Volleyball programs Check PAKMEN's Beach Volleyball programs More

Volleyball Game Rules

Have you just started your journey to the sport of volleyball? Or, maybe, you find it interesting to play the game of volleyball? On way or another, you need to get familiar with volleyball game rules. It’s worth noting that volleyball game rules are constantly updated. This blog post concentrates on the most up-to-date volleyball game rules. ... More

Light is Finally Shed on Myth of ‘Talent’

by Shayaan Aziz and Kaushik Chatterjee Research Staff Pakmen Volleyball Club Volleyball has become a first choice for many young children. But many get frustrated if they do not see a sudden growth in their skill; when they see their peers spiking and diving, when they can barely bump, they quickly get discouraged. They see themselves as ... More

Kang Interviews A Regional Excellence Program Athlete

Teen celebrity broadcaster Jaiveer Kang interviews an Athlete during a Sunday morning session of Volleyball Canada's Regional Excellence Program (REP) at Canlan Sportsplex in Mississauga. Read about PAKMEN's High Performance Volleyball programs Check PAKMEN's Beach Volleyball programs More

Vernon-Evans Makes the Rapid Ascent from Prospect to Star

By DAVID WINER Mississauga Pakmen graduate Sharone Vernon-Evans has leapt from prospect to blue chipper, to burgeoning star on the world stage of volleyball all in a matter of weeks . While most athletes train for seemingly a lifetime to one day be lauded and revered by fans, Vernon-Evans is already being acclaimed an all-star. The ... More

Vitamin D Gaining Respect

By Prateek Yadav Pakmen Volleyball Club Head Coach u18 Women's Team I recently came across an interesting article, "Vitamin D - A Key Player in Boned Heath, Sports Performance and Recovery", written by Dr. Emily Kraus. In the article, Kraus makes the case for the importance Vitamin D.  As athletes regularly push their limits while ... More

You Need to Recover!

By Reid Hall Pakmen Volleyball Club Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Strength and Conditioning Coaches need to effectively manipulate their training based on the needs of the athletes. It is not about going 100 miles per hour every training session. Volleyball players are practicing more, doing more position specific training, and ... More