Spikes Volleyball Kids

Wanted: Kids who want to learn Volleyball

Spikes volleyball is a one hour learn-to-play volleyball program for boys and girls in grades 1 to 7. Volleyball is one of the most accessible and fun sports around.  Once you learn the basic skills, you can play it for the rest of your life.  It is not unusual to see adults in their 70's and beyond still playing the game in adult recreatio... More

Tips for Parents to Help a Child Succeed in Volleyball

Has your child recently gotten into the sport of volleyball? If so, you need to know your child’s success in the volleyball sport depends on many things. Let’s dig deeper into this topic and try to figure out how you can help your child achieve success in volleyball. First and foremost, it’s crucial for you to make sure that your child ... More

Kids Volleyball

Kids Volleyball is enjoyed on a weekly basis by over 800 million people world wide. That number is pretty staggering for a game that was invented by combining Tennis, Basketball, Baseball and Handball. A game that is a perfect combination of simplicity and complexity, strategy and power is certain to appeal to kids in a world where attention spans ... More

Kids Activities: Summer Programs and Day Camps

Looking for great activities for your kid(s)? Pakmen’s Summer Volleyball Camps and Day Camps have you covered! Summer Camp has been a summer right of passage for children for as long as anyone can remember. At Pakmen, we look to take the traditional values which are cultivated through our summer programs and combine them with excellent ... More

Spikes Beginner Volleyball Program

Written by Ryan Saundercook The Spring 2012 Pakmen Spikes learn to play volleyball program came to an end last weekend with a final day of practise and play, but the Spikes on the Beach program has only just begun. The Spikes learn to play beginner program offers children between the ages of 6 & 8 and 9 & 13 with the opportunity to ... More

Pakmen Summer Program

Written by Ryan Saundercook The Pakmen Summer Volleyball camp is a great opportunity for children between the ages of seven to 14 of all skill levels to have fun, stay fit, and develop volleyball skills. "It's unreal," said Jessy Satti, one of the program coaches and a highly-decorated Pakmen veteran. "They get a chance to play volleyball ... More

House League Volleyball

House League sports are a terrific way to develop skills, learn rules and strategies, and understand team concepts. It is also a positive way for students to improve their individual physical fitness level. Pakmen's House League Volleyball program was created to provide an chance for kids to learn and establish athletic skills while promoting ... More

“Spikes” Volleyball for kids

By Maanvi Dhillon Finding a good activity that children want to go to and parents want to send them to is difficult; children want to have fun but parents want them to get exercise and learn new things. One great program that will please both children and their parents is Spikes Volleyball. Spikes Volleyball is a program for boys and ... More

Looking for an edge to get better?

Are you looking for an 'edge' to fast track your skills? Gettn’ Better volleyball training program may be the answer. You don't play any games in the Gettn' Better program ... but that's why it is such an effective program. Most programs spend some time on skill development, some time on positioning, game play, etc. etc. Gettn Better is 90 ... More

Our Summer Camps!

For the 8th year in a row, Pakmen Volleyball’s acclaimed volleyball summer programs are back! After experiencing much success at our David Leeder location, we have expanded to Thomas Street Middle School. Our new location features a double indoor gym, and is home to the Trillium Beach Courts. Programs start in the first week of July and run ... More