Volleyball Digging Drills

  • December 3, 2017
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As you probably know, the success of a volleyball team depends a lot on its defensive players. The job of defensive volleyball players is not to allow the opposite team to win a score. If defensive players do great job on the court then your volleyball team is likely to win the match.

The big question is – what does it take to be a good defensive volleyball player? It’s crucial for a defensive volleyball player to master blocking skills as well as digging skills. There has been a lot of talk about the importance of having strong blocking skills for a defensive volleyball player. It’s worth noting that digging also plays a very important role in the volleyball defence. So, if you play as a defensive volleyball player then you should definitely focus on practicing volleyball digging drills. Obviously, if you would like to achieve success in digging then you should also do the right type of volleyball digging drills.

This blog post concentrates on some of the best volleyball digging drills such as double decker, team-on-3-digging drill, knockout digging drill as well as wall digging drills. First of all, we’ll give you details on each of these volleyball digging drills. So, you’ll have an understanding of how to perform volleyball digging drills correctly. Above all, we’ll provide you with tips to help you get the most out of volleyball digging drills.

Double Decker

Let’s start with such a wonderful volleyball digging drill as Double Decker. You need to know that Double Decker is one of the best volleyball digging drills. The drill can be started by either a left or right back row player. Initially, a volleyball player has to take base position on the court. Then, a coach gives a signal and a volleyball player has to take read position on the court and prepare for a volleyball dig. Now, a coach has to throw the ball to the defensive player. The task of a defensive player is to take advantage of digging and try to bounce the ball to the target. Other players of the volleyball team have to make quality pass and organize a cross court attack. Finally, the attack hit is carried out by a pin player. After that, a coach has to throw the ball to the opposite side of the court and the opponent volleyball team does the same. It’s important to know that volleyball players will be able to improve their digging drills significantly if they do this type of drill consistently.

Knockout Digging Drill

Another way to improve a defensive player’s digging skills is to do Knockout Digging Drill. It’s clear that a volleyball player has to do everything he/she can to prevent the ball from landing on the court. First, he/she has to make an effective dig. Second, a volleyball player has to try to send a ball to a setter. As a result, a setter sets the ball to an attacker who carries out a successful attack hit.
Knockout Digging Drill is a volleyball digging drill that delivers multiple important benefits to defensive volleyball players.

Knockout Digging Drill is a fun game. That means that volleyball players usually have a lot of fun when practicing the drill. That’s the reason why Knockout Digging Drill is a very good volleyball digging drill for kids and young volleyball players.

What is great about Knockout Digging Drill is that this volleyball digging drill can be done by any number of volleyball players. This gives diggers flexibility.

It’s also important to note that this type of volleyball digging drill creates competitive environment for volleyball players.

However, the most important thing is that a digger has to dig the ball to the target area and then try to catch it. This may help you make your dig more convenient for a setter.

When getting ready for Knockout Digging Drill you need to prepare two areas on the volleyball court – small area as well as big area. A coach throws a ball to one of volleyball players on the court. The task of a volleyball player is to dig the ball and then catch it successfully. A volleyball player should aim to catch a ball inside one of areas on the court.

The job of a coach is to evaluate the efficiency of a volleyball dig. There are good digs, very good digs and the best digs. If a volleyball player catches the ball outside small and big areas then he/she makes a good dig. If a volleyball player catches the ball in the bigger area then he/she makes a very good dig. However, if a volleyball player catches the ball in the small area that means that he/she makes the best possible dig.

As it was mentioned above, Knockout Digging Drill is some kind of volleyball competition. Let’s imagine the situation that the player, who follows you, has made a better dig then you did. In this case, you will have to leave the game. However, if you make a dig better than a previous volleyball player then he/she has to leave the game. A player, who makes the best digs, will win the game.

Team-on-3-Digging Drill

Team-on-3-Digging Drill is the type of volleyball digging drill that teaches volleyball players how to react to serves in the best possible way. It’s important to know that at least four volleyball players (3 diggers and 1 server) participate in this drill.

Three volleyball players (3 diggers) have to go to defensive side of the court. One volleyball player (1 server) goes to offensive side of the court. The server’s job is to make a spontaneous serve. As a result, a ball will go in an unpredictable direction. By doing so, a server makes it difficult for defensive volleyball players to dig the ball successfully. One of volleyball players on defensive side of the court has to dig the ball.

Team-on-3-Digging Drill is a beneficial volleyball drill both for diggers and servers. Such a drill gives diggers a splendid opportunity to improve their movements as well as reflexes significantly. On the other hand, Team-on-3-Digging Drill allows servers to improve their volleyball serving skills.

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Wall Digging Drill

Wall Digging Drill has to be a part of a defensive volleyball player’s training program. What is great about this type of volleyball digging drill is that it’s easy to do. You don’t need a volleyball team to do Wall Digging Drill. Keep in mind that you can do the drill on your own. Ball and wall is all that you need to have to do this type of volleyball digging drill.

First of all, you need to stand in front of the wall. Then, you need to toss the ball and throw it against the wall. After the ball bounces off the ball, your job is to dig it. You can make it more difficult for yourself to dig the ball if you throw the ball against the wall faster and more forcefully.

It’s important to note that Wall Digging Drill provides volleyball defensive players with plenty of room for experiments. If, for example, you are not good at digging then you should throw a ball against the wall slowly at the beginning. When performing the volleyball digging drill you can try to make both underhand and overhand digs. You can also try to toss ball higher and then throw the ball against the wall higher. You can also make Wall Digging Drill more complicated later. It’s a great idea for a defensive player to aim to dig the ball to the target. So, a setter will find it easy to handle the ball after digging.

There is no doubt that doing Wall Digging Drill on a regular basis will help you improve your digging skills significantly over the time. Keep in mind that doing squats will greatly contribute to a volleyball player’s digging skills. So, you should definitely do this type of exercises prior to Wall Digging Drill. You also need to pay a close attention to a warm up period if you would like to increase the efficiency of the volleyball digging drill. Make sure that your limbs and legs are warmed and loosened properly during the warm up period.

Thank you so much for reading our article. Obviously, doing volleyball digging drills is something that helps defensive volleyball players become more confident in their abilities. Additionally, doing volleyball digging drills helps athletes boost their physical conditioning. We’ve described each of volleyball digging drill in detail. Now, you have everything that’s needed to learn more about digging in the sport of volleyball! Master the art of digging and take your volleyball skills to the next level! And of course, you should do volleyball digging drills on a regular basis. This will help you become a better digger. Good luck!

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