Volleyball Serve Receive Drills

A serve plays a big role in the game of volleyball. It’s widely known that the game of volleyball always starts with a serve. That’s the reason why every volleyball team has several players who are responsible for serving during the game. Obviously, servers have to master the art of serving. In other words, it’s incredibly important for ... More

Volleyball Drills for Mental Toughness

During the game of volleyball you should definitely control both your body and your mind all the time. That’s the reason why athletes have to focus on practicing both mental and physical volleyball skills. It’s important to know that mental toughness is something that must be developed by athletes of all skill levels. In reality, mental ... More

Volleyball Footwork Drills

Volleyball is a dynamic game that requires high levels of agility and speed. A volleyball player must be able to start moving quickly in any direction on the court anytime. That means that an athlete’s leg muscles must be well prepared to react to the opponent’s actions and the ball. On the other hand, a volleyball player has to jump during a ... More

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Pakmen coach Matthew Harris has just been named Co-Head Coach of the Team Canada Youth Team

Pakmen is pleased to announce that our u17 boys head coach, Matthew Harris, has just been named the co-head coach for the Volleyball Canada, Youth National Team 2018. Matthew Harris is coming off a triumphant summer as the head coach of Ontario's Canada Games team where he lead Team Ontario to its first Gold medal at the Canada Games since ... More

Long-time University of Toronto head coach and current Pakmen Volleyball club Head Coach Orest Stanko

5 Key Communication Tips for Coaches

January 29, 2018 By Alexander Ketrzynski In volleyball, communication is arguably as important a skill as any of the physical aspects of the sport. For coaches, difficulty in communicating with players may severely undermine all other coaching skills and experience. The article, “5 Key Communication Tips for Coaches,” developed by the ... More

Pakmen player spiking a volleyball

Volleyball Digging Drills

As you probably know, the success of a volleyball team depends a lot on its defensive players. The job of defensive volleyball players is not to allow the opposite team to win a score. If defensive players do great job on the court then your volleyball team is likely to win the match. The big question is – what does it take to be a good ... More

Are Coaching Courses Killing Coaching?

By Kelly Smith Pakmen Volleyball Club Founder and President I read an interesting blog today, 'How Coaching Courses Killed Coaching' by Wayne Goldsmith. Goldsmith argues that almost everything taught in coaching courses is available online for free so why would coaches want or need to attend a coaching course? He also argues that course ... More

How Psychological Safety Can Improve Your Team’s Performance

By Jessy Satti Pakmen Volleyball Club u18 Men's Head Coach I recently came across an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review entitled High-Performance Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here's How to Create It, by Laura Delizonna PhD. In this article the author talks about psychological safety and how high performing teams need it ... More

Coaches like Yadav are the lifeblood of the Mississauga Pakmen

By DAVID WINER There appears to be no job too big, or too small for long-time Mississauga Pakmen coach Prateek Yadav. One could argue the Mississauga native is the ultimate chief cook and bottle washer for the Ontario Volleyball Association club helping out any way he can. Among the first youngsters to christen the Pakmen club when it ... More

Pakmen Alumni Give Club’s Coaching Ranks a Sense of Continuity

By DAVID WINER They are the lifeblood of the Pakmen Volleyball Club. Those who have enjoyed the rich experience of being a Pakmen player, and have now begun a new chapter in their lives, passing on that joy and experience to the next generation of Pakmen players. Helping to comprise that group of lifers is Aleks Mamuzic, who has been ... More