7 Omega 3-Rich Nuts And Seeds You Should Add To Your Diet

By Aleks Mamuzic I came across an interesting article, "7 Omega 3-Rich Nuts and Seeds You Should Add to Your Diet" and found it to be really helpful if you love nuts and seeds and are hoping to use them to get a leg up on your omega 3 fatty acid intake. Omega 3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure, slow the development of plaque in your ... More

3 Guidelines to Early Recruiting – No More Grey Area (Camps, Visits, and Communication)

This article talks about the 3 specific areas for early recruiting: Camps, Visits and Communication. The article gives insight to coaches, athletes and parents about the do's and don'ts of early recruiting. This article is a great tool for club directors, coaches, high schools and recruiters to use so they understand the rules of early recruiting. ... More

Vinny Kalsi Gives Back

Vinny Kalsi was one of the original Pakmen players back in 2002 when the club was just being formed. He played on Kelly Smith's grade 8 school team and went on to compete in the Ontario Volleyball Association and still plays the game when he has time. Kalsi also introduced his younger brother, Jay Kalsi, to the sport. Sixteen years later Vinny ... More

Volleyball game at practice

Agony of Deparent

By Alexander Ketrzynski In his article, "The Agony of Deparent," written on his blog, "Growing the Game," which appears on the USAVolleyball website, John Kessel discusses our often negative attitudes towards errors and losing. Kessel points out that of all the teams playing at any time, half lose their games. He stresses that parents need ... More

My Favorite Player

By Alexander Ketrzynski In the article, "My Favorite Player," written for USA Volleyball, John Kessel lists sixteen attributes of his favorite player. Every quality or action listed by Kessel is worth repeating, but I will stick to the ones that stand out the most for me. I urge a complete reading of the article by both coaches and athletes. ... More

Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program Logo

Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program Mississauga

Volleyball Canada is pleased to announce the Regional Excellence Program (REP) in Mississauga. This program will be run in partnership with the Pakmen Volleyball Club, one of only two Volleyball Canada accredited clubs. The REP is a high performance volleyball training program designed specifically to prepare athletes who are committed to the ... More

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Greatest Beach Volleyball Men’s World Championship Winners

Like the Olympic Games, the world championship is a big event in the sport of beach volleyball. And of course, beach volleyball players always try their best to demonstrate the excellent results during the tournament and become winners. The history of the beach volleyball men’s world championship dates back to 1997. The first beach volleyball ... More

Greatest Volleyball Women’s World Championship Winners

Olympic Games as well as World Championship are the two most prestige volleyball tournaments. Volleyball players usually do their best to get ready for these competitions in the best possible way. It’s important to know that the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship has taken place since 1952. The competition was held in the Soviet Union ... More

Greatest Volleyball Men’s World Championship Winners

Olympic Games are the most important event in the sport of volleyball. Every volleyball team does everything possible to qualify for the Olympic Games and does its best to win the Olympic volleyball tournament. World Championship is another prestige sport event for volleyball players. FIVB Volleyball World Championship brings together the best ... More

Adult Volleyball in Mississauga: Learning the Limitless Game

Kaushik Chatterjee Researcher at Pakmen Volleyball is a sport meant for everyone. It is a great way to remain active, and exercise not just your body, but mind. As we get older, it is especially important to maintain ourselves. This is especially true for adults. The issue, however, is that many adults don’t know where to begin. Luckily, ... More