Milton is Home of the Nationally Acclaimed Pakmen Volleyball Club

Does your son or daughter want to play volleyball? Did you know that Milton, Ontario is home of the nationally acclaimed Pakmen Volleyball Club? Pakmen offers a variety of volleyball programs for boys and girls, 6 to 18 years old, of all skill levels. For children in grades 1 to 4, Pakmen offers the Spikes learn-to-play program and the Parent ... More

Join Pakmen’s New Affiliate Program and Earn Money with Us

Do you love volleyball as much as us? If you answered yes, then you're a perfect match for our affiliate program. Pakmen's new affiliate program is open and we're accepting a limited amount of registrations to test it out. We're looking for local bloggers or personalities that would love to spread the word about Pakmen in the GTA. If you ... More

What Can You Learn by Playing Volleyball?

By Pakmen Research Staff The game of volleyball is a unique, interesting, enjoyable, challenging and very versatile. Volleyball is a sport like no other. Athletes can learn a lot by playing the game of volleyball. In fact, you can acquire different values by playing the game of volleyball. If you are about to begin your journey to the sport ... More

Volleyball game at practice

Volleyball for high school aged players growing in Brampton

Last year the Pakmen Volleyball Club started to offer volleyball for high school aged players on Saturdays at Aylesbury P.S.. A small but dedicated group of players joined and enjoyed their experience so much, they told their friend and it keep growing to the point where it sold out. This winter, Pakmen is expanding programs for high school ... More

Serving up some Education on Volleyball and Concussions

Serving up some Education on Volleyball and Concussions

Concussion education and prevention strategies generally focuses on athletes who play high risk sports such as football and hockey. However, recent studies show even non-contact sports, such as volleyball are seeing a rise in concussions. What are the most common ways volleyball players get concussed? How can we prevent them? What should you do if ... More

Volleyball Canada’s Regional Excellence Program (REP) in Mississauga.

Volleyball Canada is pleased to announce the Regional Excellence Program (REP) in Mississauga. This program will be run in partnership with the Pakmen Volleyball Club, one of only two Volleyball Canada accredited clubs. The REP is a high performance volleyball training program designed specifically to prepare athletes who are committed to the ... More

Pakmen volleyball libero huddling with volleyball team

Volleyball Tryout Tips

by Pakmen Volleyball Research Staff Tryouts play a big role in volleyball player’s career and there is no question about this. The reality is tryouts give volleyball players a chance to join their dream team and achieve great success in the future. That’s why it’s so important for an athlete to make a great first impression on a coach and ... More

Being responsible for your actions… in sport and in life!

By Aleksandar Mamuzic I recently read an article with a very important message called “Being responsible for your actions… in sport and in life!” by Robert Poole. In the article, Robert talks about how we are conditioned to avoid responsibility and how important it is, especially as young athletes, that we learn to face it and grow from ... More

Healthy Breakfast Foods

By Aleksandar Mamuzic I previously took a look at an article about unhealthy breakfast foods that can put a hamper on your athletic performance throughout the day. I started to wonder what experts recommend eating to start your day off right. I stumbled onto the article "10 Simple And Healthy Breakfast Foods For Busy Mornings". I found this ... More

Worst Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day With

By Aleksandar Mamuzic Pakmen Volleyball Club Staff It is widely known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping the meal as an athlete can have serious affects to your performance, but so can eating the wrong foods. The article "Worst Breakfast Foods To Start Your Day With" sheds light on commonly eaten breakfast foods ... More